Chuck S01E07 (NBC)

Chuck gets pulled back to Stanford, but not for the reasons that he thought he would.

In this episode we learn a lot about why Chuck got kicked out of Stanford and what Bryce had to do with this.

Chuck is finally able to connect the dots between Bryce, the prof that got Chuck kicked out and the reasons behind it all. It turns out that Bryce might have had a reason to want to get Chuck out of Stanford. Four years later Chuck thinks a lot about those days because of a new case.

I’m glad that they finally got this mystery out of the way, it was a long time coming. But the answer to these questions just brings more questions. Why did Bryce steal the intersect and why did he send it to Chuck? Since Bryce had good reasons for wanting Chuck out of Stanford, maybe he also had good reasons of doing what he did.

I found this episode pretty good. I liked how the mystery has been cleared up. The whole action going on at the BuyMore was also hilarious, with Morgan trying to get back at Tang’s crazy managerial style. I recommend Chuck, it’s fun and entertaining.
Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

At Stanford, a professor is giving a lecture on intersect technology. The prof makes a run for it when he sees someone coming to see him. He calls his handlers to say that he made a mistake and took info home. The prof makes it away.

At the BuyMore, Chuck and Morgan are trying to settle in with Tang as their new assistant manager. Casey comes by to get Chuck for a briefing. George Fleming is an asset who disappeared recently. He is a company scientist. The CIA and DOD want Chuck’s help to find Fleming. Chuck doesn’t want anything to do with Fleming, he was the one who got Chuck kicked out of Stanford.

Back in 2003, Chuck is packing his things and leaving Stanford. Bryce is there and is a complete ass. He finds his student ID and gets info on himself from the intersect.

The prof is being hunted by an Icelandic spy. Chuck agrees to find the prof to find out why he is intersect files. This was before Bryce sent him the intersect.

Tang is in Morgan’s face at the BuyMore. Casey comes by to get Chuck. They found a trace on the prof.

Chuck flashbacks to when he got kicked out of Stanford. He aced a midterm in the prof’s class. The prof was dubious on this. The answer key to the test was found in his dorm room. The prof tells Chuck that the source was Bryce, his roommate.

They go to the prof’s place. Chuck makes contact. Chuck asks the prof why the CIA had a file on him while he was in college. Chuck doesn’t know it, but the prof looks dead. He was hit by a crossbow from the Icelandic assassin. The prof gave Chuck a message for Bryce.

Chuck thinks that the prof knew why he was in the intersect.

His sister gives him a book long overdue from the Stanford library and Chuck remembers a game of gotcha that he played with Bryce. Chuck figures out that the numbers that Fleming showed to him were the reference numbers for a book in the Stanford library. He tells Casey. He has to go back to Stanford.

Morgan rallies the troops to get the remote from Harry. Anna volunteers to get his locker open. She lifts his keys while flirting with him a bit.

Chuck finds the intel in the row. A librarian comes up to see Chuck for the late fees. Magnus the assassin creeps up with a gun. Chuck makes a run for it.

Morgan gets betrayed by one of his friends at the BuyMore. Tang puts Morgan

The video shows all the students that Fleming recruited to the CIA. Chuck’s name is there. Chuck calls a few people on the list and calls them to bring weapons. He uses to code word that the prof told him.

Magnus corners Chuck in the computer lab. He gets taken out by a hottie.

Morgan gets the remote code from Chuck and uses it to blackmail himself out of the hole.

When Chuck was supposed to come in for his first interview, Bryce comes in and tries to persuade Fleming to get Chuck out. Bryce knew that the operation in Omaha would kill him. Bryce framed Chuck to get him out. Chuck thinks that if Bryce had a good reason to frame him, maybe there was a good reason why he stole the intersect and sent it to Chuck.

Chuck remembers his first meeting with Bryce back in 1999.

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