City Homicide S01E12 (Channel 7 AUS)

Things get sticky when the crew has to investigate the death of a pedophile. He was about to be released from prison. Joiner is still dealing with issues since a gun was pulled on him during the case with the robbery squad. He was almost killed.

Mapplethorpe is in hot water after she meets an acquaintance of hers at the minimum security Arundel prison facility. As much as the squad would just like to leave the case, they have to investigate it. It turns out that more pedophiles are involved.

Another great episode by this Aussie police procedural drama. I enjoy how gritty it is. It kind of reminds of some of the cop shows from the 70s, like The Sweeney and The Professionals. However the show is still firmly grounded in the present. There is a lot of actual detective work going on, which I like. There are no real grisly CSI autopsy scenes which I don’t like.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Mapplethorpe and Ryan are at the Arundel Correctional Facility. They meet Mr. Fox, the warden. There has been a murder. Samuel Hegarty was in prison for embezzlement. He was found murdered in a dryer. The corrections officers tell them that his genitals have been cut off. Ryan comments that they have been shoved down his throat. He was due to be released in 4 months. He was still alive when they started the cycle.

Joiner tells Wolfie that there is a need to know flag on Hegarty’s file. Hegarty’s real name was Hagan. He was under a protection order. He was a pedophile. Wolfie and Bernice confer. Bernice wants to make sure that the squad investigates the crime properly. Hagan was part of an experimental program to rehabilitate sex offenders. Mapplethorpe, Sparksie and Freeman go back to the jail to the legwork. The reverend knew of the reason why Hagan was in jail.

Mapplethorpe questions the cons who were working on the same work detail as Hagan.

Joiner mentioned that he had a problem dealing with Hagan. He is reviewing the case files and looks deeply disturbed. He might have been the victim of abuse.

Mapplethorpe gets a call from the perp that she saw in jail. She knew him from a previous case. He has some info on her.

The next day, Joiner meets Bernice in the elevator. She smells the alcohol on his breath and gets desk duty for the day. Joiner discovers that Lucas had two nieces who were Hagan’s most recent victims.

Joiner and Sparksie go to visit the mother of the kids. She most definitely knew what the new Hagan looked like. They tell her that Hagan had been transferred to the same prison as her brother. Lucas is linked to the weapon that killed Hagan. The crew isn’t convinced of the guilt of Lucas.

Mapplethorpe goes to visit Van Der Berg. He was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced for 8 years. She asks him what he wants. He wants money.

The reverend wants to talk with the cops. Jenny called in sick. Ryan and Joiner cross paths with Mapplethorpe at the prison. She says that she slept with him a few months before he killed his wife. He is threatening to say that he was sleeping with her during the investigation. Joiner tells her to tell Wolfie.

The reverend says that he was repentant. The reverend says that Hagan was member of an internet pedophile ring. He was going to expose them once he got out of jail.

Mapplethorpe tells Wolfie. He says to leave it with him. What a guy!

Joiner is loosing it. Sparksie comforts him in the dunny.

Wolfie tells Bernice of his intentions of investigating the new evidence that they got. Wolfie talks with the wardens and tells them what he wants. Jen and Matt talk about her situation with Brian.

One thing I know about Brian, big mouth small brain. I thought that you might have picked that up from his file.
Mapplethorpe on Brian Van Der Berg.

Wolfie goes to see Brian. He tells him to back off or he will face a lot of trouble from the cops. Brian is pissed.

Lucas figures out that he is no longer suspect number one. He says that he didn’t have any pals. The cops get called back to the jail. Brian is found dead. Wolfie says that the cameras have been switched off. Mapplethorpe is worried.

Wolfie tells Bernice about the visits to Van Der Berg. He doesn’t go into any details. Bernice knows something is up. Wolfie has a quiet word with Mapplethorpe. They figure out that Karl Stackpole is the common denominator.

Joiner and Sparksie go to find Stackpole. Stackpole was deleting kiddie porn. They stop him from finishing his task and killing himself. They know that he is only the middleman in the kiddie porn ring. Someone higher up is involved. One of the suits from the prison was also part of the ring.

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