Prison Break Photo Finish S03E06 (Fox)

I don’t know what happened, but I missed last week’s episode of Prison Break. I only realized this week when I was about to start the new episode that I was missing one. Enough said. The guys are getting ready to leave Sona. They only have a few more hours to go.

Slowly but surely, time in the show is slowing down to a crawl. It’s almost 24-like. Scofield tries to get everything ready for the escape. Linc spills the beans to Susan about the real time of the escape. Susan almost kills LJ. Linc can’t lie to Mike anymore about Sara’s death. Tyge the Frenchman is killed.

This was another great episode of Prison Break. I’m glad that I’m watching the next episode right away. The escape is going to happen during the next episode. What will happen and who will make it out? Michael plans on killing Susan. Will he succeed?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Lechero is strutting his stuff around his prison. He’s a pretty unhappy guy. Scofield goes to ask the Frenchman about Whistler. He tells Michael that he could have sworn that Whistler worked at the Ambassador in Nice, a hotel.

Alex is concerned about the Frenchman always looking at Whistler.

Mike tells Linc that he needs to drug a guard’s coffee. Mike tells Linc that if he doesn’t see pictures of Sara, he isn’t going anywhere.

Susan tells LJ some story about her capture and torture because she did something stupid. She tells him not to try anything during the prison exchange and they will be OK.

Lechero has to intervene between Sammy and T-bag to stop a fight.

Alex receives a visit from his old assistant. She says that in exchange for his testimony in the conspiracy, he will get 8 years. Alex says that he can’t do 8 years. The assistant tells Alex that if he ever gets back to the States, he will be in prison for the rest of his life.

The Frenchman is found dead. Lechero convinces the kid to tell him who he saw near the Frenchman. Whistler is brought in. Lechero won’t leave Whistler out of his sight until this matter is cleared up. He’s still upset because T-bag can’t find him any proof about the traitor in his midst. T-bag planted this seed in his mind a while ago and he hasn’t let go of this.

Scofield thinks that Bellick killed Tyge. Bellick denies it.

Susan gives Linc some the drugs that will incapacitate the guard. He tells her he needs photos of Sara alive. She is surprised that Linc didn’t tell Mike that Sara is dead.

Linc and Sucre stake out the place where the guard gets his coffee. Sofia has to interfere in order to get the guard the drugged coffee. On the way to the prison, the guard makes a stop to molest Sofia. Linc followed them. He is told by Susan that the photo is ready.

T-bag talks with Scofield. He tells Scofield that he needs to blame Sammy for the murder of Tyge. T-bag gives Scofield the ring that he lifted from Sammy earlier on.

Sofia gets out of a sticky situation by pretending to be one of Norman St-John’s girls. One of Lechero’s girls.

Scofield finds a knife in Alex’s bunk. He comes to find him and tells Alex that he will tell Lechero.

Susan takes a knife and some bleach to see LJ. She is about to sever his spinal cord when Linc calls and gives him all of the details of the escape plan. He cries like a baby.

Lang and Sullins are here to see Alex. They tell him that his sentence is down to 4 years. Alex has to stand in front of a special prosecutor testifying to what he knows.

Lechero gets news from Scofield that Mahone is the one who killed Tyge. They all see Mahone leave Sona. Lechero is livid. He is about to stab Whistler, but instead he stabs Cheo. He found one of the cigars that Cheo was smoking in the yard. He knows that Augusto usually gave them to Lechero as a tribute. We know that Sammy is the one behind the betrayal, because he gave the cigars to Cheo.

Sucre is at Sona to bury Tyge. He will spray more of the compound on the fence. Susan comes by with the same picture that Mike has seen before. Linc thinks that Mike won’t buy it.

Lechero has Cheo hanged on the walls. Linc tells Mike that Susan knows about the escape. Linc tells Mike that Sara is dead. He tells him that if he doesn’t break out today, they will kill LJ.

Mike goes to see Whistler and calls him out for a fight. Whistler is freaking out.

* * * * *

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