Secret Diary Of A Call Girl S01E07 (ITV)

Billie Piper stars as Belle de Jour, a call girl from London. This show is based on the blog of Belle de Jour. She has written two books about her life and had been a contributing writer of the Telegraph until 2006. ITV has ordered a total of 8 episodes of this show.

Belle and Hannah lives become less separate as Ben becomes involved in Belle’s professional life. He wants to do a foursome with her and some clients. Ben is getting married to Vanessa soon. Hannah finds his request ludicrous, but in the end she relents. She is creating a lot of problems for her later on.

I thought this episode was alright. I found it funny how Belle managed to complicate her life even further. As if it wasn’t complicated enough to begin with. I wonder if this show will get renewed. As usual, this show primarily focuses on the positive aspects of being a prostitute. Whores have dangerous lives, no matter what clients or agencies they work with.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Ben wants to get involved in a foursome that Belle is putting together. Ben is about to get married. He implies that it isn’t working out. Hannah refuses. Belle is interviewing potential male partners. She wants a pro.

Ben finally manages to convince her. Belle has to wax Ben’s chest. She prepares him. He asks her how much money she makes. She says that she made 105000£ last year. He says that he makes 32K£. She says that it costs her 20K£ to be Belle per year. She makes him take a Viagra.

The couple comes to Belle’s place. They are quite nervous. Belle and Ben pose as a couple to make them feel more at ease.

Belle has to change underwear. Ben’ Viagra has already kicked in and he’s got a boner. He’s ready to go. Belle and Ben start doing their jobs. The couple ends up in their own arms. They weren’t really looking for a foursome. Ben wants to have sex with Hannah, but she doesn’t want to.

Ben feels strange afterwards. He feels that he didn’t do anything really. Hannah has managed to complicate her life even further by involving Ben in her job.

* * * * *

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