Survivor China S15E08 (CBS)

Back at the Hae Da Fung camp, Jean-Robert is still reeling from the eviction.

It’s time for the next reward challenge. The winning team of four will be taken to an ancient village were they will be enjoying a good meal. Amanda, Jean-Robert, James and Todd win reward easily. The other team was mostly made up of the old Zhang Hu tribe. The winners get a scroll to read from Jeff.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The rest of the winners are finding Jean-Robert’s reaction to the scroll pretty funny. He is the only one of the old Fei Long tribe that doesn’t know that James has both immunity idols. Back at camp, the rest of the tribe is enjoying James’ fish. Denise feels left out of the Fei Long alliance.

PG tries to make another alliance. She’s trying to find alliances everywhere. Denise is pondering leaving her alliance. PG is slowly joining the anorexic side. She isn’t as thin as Anorexia Courtney, but she is close.

When the rest of the tribe comes back from their trip, Jean-Robert starts to look for the immunity idols, unaware that James has both of them in his bag. He didn’t get any sleep. He takes down all of the plaques from the mini pagodas. He hides them and wants to ponder on which of them is the immunity idol.

Todd and Jean-Robert start hassling James about the amount of food he eats. Todd is pissed at James for not giving back an immunity idol. Todd is talking to Amanda about this. Todd and Amanda decide to create a double bluff. Amanda isn’t too pleased about this. Todd wants to get rid of James. He wants to target PG as a bluff, but target James in reality. He approaches Frosti. He wants to blindside James at tribal. Hopefully James won’t win immunity.

The immunity challenge has to do with balance. They have to sit on barrels filled with water. As the water empties, the barrels become shakier. The one who stays the longest on the barrel wins immunity. JR is the first one out followed closely by Denise. 20 minutes into the challenge, James is out. Eric is out. PG is next out. Amanda is out because she touched the structure. Frosti sings a little song and Todd is out. It’s between Courtney and Frosti. Courtney wins immunity.

JR tells Eric that he has the hidden immunity idol. Eric tells JR that he doesn’t have the right one. He tells JR about the immunity idols and that James has them. JR looks crushed.

When JR goes out fishing with James, he confronts James. James doesn’t say anything. James doesn’t anything to do with JR. JR talks with Todd. Todd confers with James and Amanda. Todd talks with Courtney and Frosti to get rid of JR.

JR is voted out.

* * * * *

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