Theresa Duncan And Jeremy Blake

It’s strange reading a dead person’s blog. It’s kind of creepy. There is a mystery surrounding the whole affair, which begs further investigation.

I’ve been reading Theresa Duncan’s blog The Wit of the Staircase and have been entranced by her tragic story. Actually I knew the work of her partner Jeremy Blake. Theresa Duncan apparently committed suicide on the 10th of July 2007. Her partner Jeremy Blake did the same a week later.

The work that he did in Punch Drunk Love will forever remain etched in my mind.

The author of Smellyblog didn’t knew Theresa Duncan personally, but Ayala Sender did post a tribute to her.

Kate Coe paints a strange picture of Theresa Duncan. She portrays her as someone who was trying to succeed desperately, but never quite managed to do so. Duncan was accused of plagiarizing when she wrote for Slate. Duncan blamed her failures on Scientologists. Since Blake had worked with Beck on the covers of his albums, Scientologists were involved in Duncan’s paranoid delusions.

Her article is filled with weasel words and innuendos, but the grain of truth in her writing is apparent. In 2006, the couple moved from LA to NY. They met a pastor who probed conspiracy theories. She then started ranting at Rezar Aslan, a USC scholar. From the article, I deduce that Duncan was having some issues. Most probably some form of a schizoid disorder, maybe the onset of paranoid schizophrenia.

Kate Coe blogs at mediabistro.

Raymond Doherty refutes some of her claims in his post.

It’s still a mystery because we don’t know the exact details of what happened during those two weeks in early July. What pushed Duncan over the edge? Did she really commit suicide? What made Blake really decide to kill himself? Did he really commit suicide?

What stresses made them react the way they did?

I’ve read that people think that their tragic story would make a great movie. I honestly don’t know, I think that it might be a bit distasteful. Their story is a story of love. I’ve read that Duncan might have led Blake to follow in her footsteps. It can’t be denied. They may have had some strange co-dependent psychopathology, who knows really? Naturally only the people who knew them well could comment, and those people would not denigrate the dead.

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