Bionic Woman The List S01E06 (NBC)

I honestly don’t know about Jaime’s romance with Tom. It’s a bit annoying.

In this episode, Jaime goes to France to get a list of covert agents that is for sale. The trouble is that the list has Berkut and CIA operatives on it, more than a 100. They need to recover it. The CIA is working with Berkut on this, and naturally Jaime wants to work with Tom again.

There are a few good fight scenes and demonstrations of bionic powers. I thought this episode was good. It wasn’t too bad. There was a good mix of action and dialog. Jaime is getting used to her bionics and Berkut isn’t always spying on her.

I still don’t know if this show will succeed. My guess is that Chuck will be renewed and get a full season, if the strike is avoided, and Bionic Woman will get canceled. The show already had a reshuffling of staff.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The Berkut Group was staging a sting operation. Their agents get killed and they are missing 5 million in bearer bonds.

Becca and Jaime are talking about boys.

Ruth questions the guy working for Victor Booth. He tells her that the exchange is happening in France. The list that they want to purchase contains names of CIA and Berkut operatives. It will be a joint operation. Jaime wants Tom. Jonas reluctantly agrees.

On the way to France, they get briefed. It turns out that the list contains over a hundred names. All of the agents will be in immediate danger. What I don’t get is how do they know that Booth hasn’t made copies of the list as backups?

Tom and Jaime pose as husband and wife. On the way up to the room, Tom gives her an engagement ring. Jaime is stumped. She doesn’t know how to react to this.

Nathan plans on using iris identification to find Booth. The CIA doesn’t know much about the bionic program at Berkut.

Tom wants a clear head and Jaime says that she wants to be friends.

Becca is waiting for Brennan to come by. He arrives with a lot of people. It’s a house party that Becca didn’t intend.

Jaime looks like a total hottie when she gets ready for the reception at the embassy.

They meet a strange American drinking a beer. He tests them and they fail. Tom was embarrassing. They end up locked in a wine cellar. It only takes a kick from Jaime’s bionic leg to get out. Jaime was able to identify Booth.

Becca leaves her house and almost has an accident. She gets stopped by the cops before even having driven 10 feet.

There is a fight and Victor takes out Tom. Jaime thinks she’s got Victor but it’s the wrong guy.

Jaime calls Tom. She speaks with Victor. Jaime asks for the list and Tom. Victor wants 8 million. Jaime phones Jonas. Jonas says OK to the 8 million. He is bailing out Becca at the police station.

The CIA can’t get involved. Jaime is pissed at them. She is going in. She sees that Tom is wired with explosives. She sees and scans the list and creates a diversion to take out the bomb.

They run after Booth. Jaime uses a few bionic to incapacitate Booth. They were able to recover 4 million. Jonas doesn’t say anything about Becca.

Becca has a bath and no attitude waiting for Jaime as she comes home.

* * * * *

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