Heroes Out Of Time S02E07 (NBC)

Hiro resolves things in the past. Kensei makes another appearance, much to everyone’s surprise. Parkman finds Molly again and works at punishing his dad. Bob keeps pushing the use of the Shanti virus. Peter discovers a year ahead what the consequences of the use of the Shanti virus are.

I found this episode excellent. I was happy to see that things got to a conclusion in the past with Hiro. I was also very surprised to see Kensei make an appearance in the present. The endgame is revealed as the use of the Shanti virus will kill 93% of the Earth’s population. Bob says that the key lies with Claire Bennet. The lines are getting blurred. The company and the heroes are working together. Maury gets what he deserves, a nightmare trap of his own design, thanks to his son Parkman.

Bennet isn’t happy to see that the future told by the paintings is becoming true. Claire has a boyfriend named West and he knows that at the end of this, he will die. With the WGA strike, Heroes is going to be in a pretty good spot. Unlike some shows, Heroes does resolve some plot elements during the season. I think that we are heading toward one right now. Anyways, I recommend Heroes.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Kensei has Hiro doped on opium. White Beard has promised Kensei half of Japan.

Bennet is taking pictures of the paintings. He talks to Suresh and wants Suresh to interpret the paintings for him. Suresh says that the company doesn’t trust him anymore. Nikki is the new partner for Suresh. Bob tells them that something has happened. Parkman’s dad Maury has been killing the people of the company. Nathan Petrelli is there.

In the future in 2008, Peter and Kaitlin find NYC empty. They get taken down by some people in biohazard suits.

West shows up at Claire’s place. He shows her the article on their prank. Claire isn’t happy. But they make up.

Bob wants to inject the virus into Maury. He needs Parkman to use his full abilities to fight Maury. Parkman says that he can’t do those things. Bob says that he has to learn fast.

Yaeko is trying to get Hiro out of his stupor. She manages just in time.

Kaitlin and Peter are being decontaminated and detained. On March 20th 2007, the Shanti virus has been released into the world. 93% of the human population has been killed since then. The rest of humanity is in quarantine trying to find a cure.

The Shanti virus is the one that Suresh developed to stop the abilities. Bob plans on deploying it to stop Maury. This could be the start of those events that Peter is living.

Parkman is talking to Molly. He gets a reaction out of her, according to the ECG. Nikki hallucinates DL telling her that she is going to kill everyone. If she injects the Shanti virus, she will be killing everyone. Maury is already here.

Nathan wants to know who Adam Monroe. Bob tells him that it’s complicated. Adam is trying to kill the people of the company. Linderman was Adam’s disciple. Bob tells Nathan that Peter is alive.

Peter is brought to see his mother. He doesn’t recognize her. She tells him that his brother is dead. She tells him that he absorbed Hiro’s powers. He can travel through time and change the past. He has some memories come back to him and he recognizes his mom.

Claire and West are making out listening to music. She tries to tell him that her father is the man with horned rimmed glasses who abducted him. She doesn’t have time. He sees her father and freaks out. He flies away. He thinks that Claire is tricking him.

Hiro tells Yaeko that he can’t leave. He has to fix this. Yaeko says that there is nothing that he can do to stop this. Hiro teleports away and tells her to meet him by the cherry blossoms.

Suresh and Nikki are near the virus. Maury has already started his work on Nikki. She continues to hallucinate DL. She sees Bob kill DL. She knocks Suresh out and takes a syringe of the virus to inject Bob.

Hiro is still trying to win over Kensei. Hiro is trying to destroy the guns. Their fight sets fire to the gunpowder. Hiro disarms Kensei. Hiro wants to save Kensei, but Kensei says that he will only lay ruin to his world.

Parkman finds Molly in the trap in her mind. Maury has locked her there. Parkman makes his dad come here too. Nikki is pounding down the door to Bob’s office. She plans on injecting the Shanti virus into Bob. Nathan and Bob talk her down. She injects herself.

Parkman traps his dad Maury in his nightmare. Molly wakes up.

When Peter sees Kaitlin being led away, he launches himself back into the past in Montreal. But he left her in the future.

Yaeko says that Hiro is Takezo Kensei. Hiro did all these great things. Hiro knows that he has to leave. Yaeko understands but doesn’t want him to leave. Hiro teleports away.

Nikki is getting the cure from Suresh. He tells Nikki that it’s another strain of the virus. The antibodies won’t work.

Hiro goes to see Ando. Hiro learns that his father was murdered.

Suresh tells Bob that the new strain of the Shanti virus has no cure. Bob promises to destroy the virus. Bob puts Suresh on Claire Bennet. He gives Suresh a gun. He tells that Bennet killed his mentor Ivan. Suresh should be careful. Suresh tells Bob that he has been working with Bennet to bring down this company. Suresh says that he isn’t sure whose side she is on. Bob says that Claire’s cellular regeneration might be the cure to the virus.

Claire’s mom tells Noah about Claire’s boyfriend West. Bennet knows that his days are numbered. Bennet is livid. Bennet says that it’s time to leave. Claire says that he can leave without him.

Adam Monroe is Takezo Kensei. He meets Peter in Montreal.

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