Prison Break Vamonos S03E07 (Fox)

I was wondering if the guys stuck in Sona would finally make their escape. I guess I have my answer now. For now at least the guys are still stuck in Panama.

I didn’t like how Linc keeps screwing up all the time. This was the second time that he had some rag tag operation planned to get his son and it fails. He had Susan at gunpoint and didn’t shoot. He was in front of his son and wasn’t able to take him.

Linc is weak. At least he was portrayed as such in this episode. Things are also getting sticky at Sona. Lechero’s hold on power is slipping away. Naturally there is more to Whistler than we initially knew. Scofield knows this as well since he saw him talking to Susan at the prison.

I liked this episode. The parts with Linc are frustrating, but they keep you on the edge of your seats. I wonder how they will escape now. I was thinking that they would be out by now. This is a great show and I recommend it.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Whistler and Scofield are getting ready to fight it out in the circle. Scofield tells Lechero that he blames Whistler for the death of his girlfriend. Lechero says that once they say something like that, there is no way of going back. Lechero says that the fight will start in 15 minutes.

Sucre is mailing money to Marie Cruz. He includes a photo. Linc walks in with Sofia.

Alex is on his way to his trial. His former assistant is there. He has betrayed someone and made a deal. He is getting ready to spill the beans on the President. They try to calm him down, but it sounds like bullshit to me. They want to information about the President.

Scofield tells Whistler that it’s time to leave. Mike tells Whistler that he doesn’t care anymore about what he has to say. He just wants to trade him for his nephew’s life and leave.

It’s three o’clock and the guard has finished his coffee. Mike goes to get the tattoo needle. Bellick is trying to weasel his way into the escape.

Linc and Sofia get into position. Susan is in place with LJ. Scofield and Whistler are scrambling to get into place. For a few seconds, Scofield thinks about slugging Whistler and ending it. Whistler wonders if Mahone squealed on their plan to escape.

It’s time for the fight. Lechero wants to find Sammy, but no one knows where he is. Scofield and Whistler get ready to make their move. The guard is falling asleep. The other guard is blinded by the reflection of the sun. They have to go. They hear someone coming. It’s Sammy. They hide underneath the bed. He leaves and Mike gets out first. Whistler leaves. They make it down. They are losing the light because of a cloud. They have to abort. Sammy finds them. They have to get back to the fight. Lechero doesn’t give them a chance to resolve this. They have to fight.

Sucre is watching Susan at the meeting point. Sofia takes a gun out of her purse. She is watching Linc. She’s got her own plans. She pulls the gun on Linc.

Susan threatens LJ again, it’s getting old. The guard who was blinded sees that Hurtado is nowhere to be seen. He radios for help. The rope slips out. The guards see it. They go on full alert.

Linc runs to the car and leaves Sofia on the beach. Everyone hears the alarm blaring. The army comes in. Susan phones Linc. Linc lies to her again and tells her that they made it out.

The General shoots one of Lechero’s crew when he doesn’t answer if the cell belongs to him. The cell from which someone tried to escape. Sammy thinks Scofield is behind the escape attempt.

The guy surveying the prison radio frequencies gives Susan a fall to tell her that no one got out. She drives away. Sucre puts his car in front of the van and they crash.

Susan is bloody and battered. Linc shoots a guard. The other one takes LJ hostage. Linc is an asshole. He didn’t manage to kill Susan. He didn’t manage get LJ out. He should have just shot her and taken his chances in a gunfight. Instead he wussies out and asks for another chance. Linc finds that body bags fell out of the van. This means that they were planning to kill everyone.

Sammy comes to get Scofield. Lechero has a talk with Scofield. Lechero has lost control of the prison. He wants to go with Scofield.

Mahone knows that something is up. His hearing isn’t happening and his old assistant Felicia is questioning. Sullins comes in to tell Mahone that the hearing has been postponed. It will happen tomorrow. Mahone says that he can’t wait. He tells Felicia to cuff Mahone.

Susan comes down to see Whistler. They have been planning things together for a while. Susan’s real name is Gretchen. Scofield sees Whistler talking with Susan.

* * * * *

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