Reaper Leon S01E06 (CW)

I found Sock really annoying in this episode. His whole thing about talking with the captured soul in the vessel was really stupid. The soul is corrupt. It just spent an eternity in hell. There is no way that it is rehabilitated. Sock should just grow up. Sam tried telling him, but Sock wouldn’t listen.

Sam finally makes up with Andy, although their relationship doesn’t really progress any further. Sam is getting good at his new job. The Devil is playing games with him and being in servitude as his bounty hunter isn’t going to be healthy in the long run for him. At the same time, Sam is still developing strange abilities. We haven’t seen them in a while, but they have appeared from time to time.

Reaper is starting to grow on me. I still find Chuck a lot better, but Reaper isn’t bad.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The episode starts with Sam capturing another escaped soul from hell. The guys go to see Gladys at the Department of Motor Vehicles. They can’t find her. She is on vacation.

At the Work Bench, Ted is making a Halloween speech. Andy is still mad at Sam. Sam has to volunteer to be the big pumpkin to get Andy out of that job.

Sock keeps messing with the vessel that contains Leon. Sam warns Sock not to touch it. Sam tries to make up with Andy, but she says that she can’t. Sam gets a visit from the Devil. He is depressed because it’s Halloween. It’s a holiday. The devil tells him about the butcher, a killer that’s on the loose again. He’s already killed again.

Sock didn’t listen to Sam and took Leon trapped in the vessel out to trivia night. Sam is pissed. Sock is trying to get Leon out of the vessel.

Sam opens the vessel with his buddies and finds a meat thermometer. Spike, the hellhound is hanging around boys. They check the web and find a clue to the town of Ballard. The Butcher was active during the forties. The town has changed a lot. The guys wait around for the night.

Sock goes to find Leon in the vessel. Leon pretended to be God while hiding around Ted’s toilet. Sock is finding it hilarious.

They go back to the Butcher’s place and get their asses kicked by a large werewolf type thing. Spike saves the day. Later Sock wants to use Leon to help them how to get the Butcher. Sam refuses and tries to take the soul back, but no one will let him into the DMV, since it’s very late. The Devil turns up in his bathroom. Sam wants the Devil to take Leon back. The Devil says that no one is there to take the soul. The Devil says that he is realizing the weakness of his species.

Sam tries to talk with Andy and she says that she only wants to talk about work with him at work. She is cutting him out of her life. He comes to find Leon gone out of his snow globe. Leon says that he suspects that the Butcher is a day sleeper. They should try and surprise him during the day. Sam is pissed at Sock for letting the soul out of the vessel.

Leon takes them all over town to bring them back to the Butcher’s place. Leon betrays them and wants to kill Sam. Sock decides to stick by his best friend’s side. Leon takes the vessel away from them. They throw Leon’s vessel at dog boy, but something strange happens. There is an explosion. They are shot back outside. Sock finds the vessel and throw it to Sam, but Sam is intercepted by dog boy. Spike distracts dog boy long enough for Sam to plunge the vessel into dog boy.

Sock says not to worry about Leon, he knows where to find him. Of course, Leon is commiserating at his therapist. Leon pulls his gun. Sam talks him down. They capture him again and bring the souls to the DMV. Gladys is back.

Sam makes a little speech to Andy and she finds it endearing. She tells him that she found it miserable, the fight and all. The Devil comes by to get Sam. Sam tells him that he has plans with Andy.

* * * * *

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