Reaper Love Bullets And Blacktops S01E07 (CW)

Sam meets a new girl, but his non-existent relationship with Andy is blocking his senses. Sam decides to continue to not pursue Andy. Andy doesn’t mention Greg anymore, which is surprising. At least they are talking again.

Once again, Sam shows cunning while hunting for escaped souls. He is getting really good at finding them.

Like I said in my previous post, this show is growing on me. I just wish that Sam was more of an adult when it comes to girls, or more appropriately would have the guts to actually try something with Andy.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The boys are driving in Sam’s car. Sock wants to get Sam laid. The radio keeps playing the same song. They think the Devil is trying to send Sam a message.

Sock puts on a cool song on the jukebox and starts to dance. He is immediately joined by a gang of hot girls. It’s a bachelorette party. Sam gets a French kiss and meets Taylor. She’s got some cool tattoos on her wrist and her shoulder. They try and coax Sam to be the stripper for the night. It ruins the evening. The girls leave.

The next day, they open the next vessel. They find an A-track. It’s the soundtrack to a movie called Love, Bullets and Blacktop. Sock wants to know what Sam will do about the Taylor chick. Sam is such a wuss. He should call Taylor and have some hot sex.

Andy says that her mom might still have one of her dad’s old players. Sam gets a call from Taylor. She still wants to meet him. The Devil transports him to a train wreck. A mint condition ’73 GTO was totaled by the train. The soul was involved. The Devil tells him that Taylor enjoys getting her earlobe stroked. The car is still playing that song Radar Love that Sam keeps hearing everywhere.

Ben has found the movie that goes with the song. Sam sees another report about a muscle car being crashed and people dying. He wants to know more about muscle cars. They have to talk to a lecherous worker at the Work Bench named Russ. He says that the car is a ’71 Malibu. He shows them his ride. Sam asks if there is a dealership somewhere where he can buy a car like this. Russ tells them about a car club meet-up where he could find a seller. Sam plays the song at the meeting and gets a couple dancing. They know that they are involved. They make it to the roof and the couple jumps off. They both walk away as if nothing had happened.

Taylor stops by at the Work Bench. She talks with Andy.

Sock takes a pic of Russ’ car and wants to post it on the muscle car forums in order to bait a trap.

Andy tells Sam that Taylor stopped by. Same thinks that he should call Taylor. The Devil comes by to give Sam a pep talk. The Devil has brought Sam to the wedding of the bachelorette that he met at the bar. He speaks with Taylor. She looks amazing. He tells her as much. She didn’t enjoy not being called, but is pretty relaxed about the whole thing. Sam asks her out and she agrees.

The souls turn up to look at the car. They capture the man but the girl gets away.

The movie arrives, but it’s in BetaMax. Their only choice is to meet with Russ against. Russ wants them to get high. The girl crashes her car into Russ place. She asks for the A-track. Sam gives her a fake one and she drives off.

Andy takes him to her Ted free zone that she constructed hidden in some boxes. It’s pretty sweet. In the movie, he sees the Midnight Auto Body shop. The guy mentioned it before he got swooped up by the vessel. Sam and the gang make their way over there. She ambushes them. They all get captured by her. Holly is about to torch Sam. Ben and Sock start to sing “Radar Love”. It distracts her long enough for Sam to get the A-track and capture her.

Sam meets Taylor at a bar. They start to make-out in the broom closet. Sam licks her earlobe and she says that it drives her crazy. Sam stops it, he feels bad for using the Devil’s tricks. The Devil turns up and Sam figures out that the Devil wants to tempt him.

* * * * *

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