Kid Nation Starved For Entertainment S01E08 (CBS)

I’ve changed my mind about Kid Nation. It’s just like some form of summer camp activity with cameras. CBS has noticed it as well, because the ratings aren’t great either. It’s still interesting to see the kids interact.

The kids are bored because there is nothing to do in town. They decide to hold a talent show. The results are pretty good and the kids have a little fun. I enjoyed seeing Kelsey play the piano. Laurel sang a little song during the town meeting. It was beautiful.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Sophia lies down in the middle of the town. Other kids join her. The kids are bored. DK calls a meeting with a few other kids to make everyone aware of the problem.

The town council reads the book. The book tells them to have some fun. They decide to have a talent show. The kids are happy about this. Laurel wants to give the gold star to the winner of the talent show.

Olivia wants to do a stand-up comedy routine. The others want to see what she has planned, but she doesn’t say anything. Greg and Blane’s act looks fun.

Savannah and Kennedy put together a Kentucky themed dinner. The kids are happy.

Greg is working hard. Migle and Nathasha just sit around in the bunkroom. Greg and Blane want to throw the showdown so that they will do some work. Greg and Blane tells Natasha and Migle. The girls see that they have to do some work.

Savannah is thinking about leaving. Alex tries to talk her out of leaving. She misses her family.

Greg and Blane say that they will throw the challenge. Anjay doesn’t know what to do. For the challenge, they have to chew different colored gum and stick it on a paper to make a gooey painting. Greg admits in his dairy cam that he would never throw a challenge, but he says that there is nothing wrong with a little motivation. Green is the upper class. Blue is merchant class. Red district are the cooks. Yellow is the laborer class and they don’t get the big reward. They could have won paint to paint the town. The second option would have been an all night block party.

Greg and Blane dress up and do a good little Romeo and Juliette improve. Olivia’s jokes were kind of funny.

Divad nominates herself again. Blane nominates Olivia. Olivia, Sophia, Savannah and a few others nominate Kennedy. The frontrunners are Kennedy and Olivia.

During the town meeting, DK calls Laurel out to sing. She does a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace that brought tears to my eyes. Kennedy gets the gold star.

* * * * *

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