The Amazing Race S12E02 (CBS)

If you thought Nate and Jen were bad, you got a few surprises coming your way in the second episode of the twelfth season of the Amazing Race!
Ron is a real control freak. He continually badgers his daughter Christina in this episode. It’s really hard to watch. She tries to tell him to stop, but he just blares on. There are some deep issues there.

The Goths are still fun to watch as is the Grandpa team.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The teams have to travel to Amsterdam Central station. They have to find a bridge for their next clue. The Goths are pretty funny. They are stoked to go to Amsterdam. Shana and Jennifer complain that they haven’t had a facial or a manicure. They think that the race is really tough on them.

Nick and Don hit a curb and get a flat tire. Don was driving. They are changing the tire. Marianna and Julia take the long way round.

Az and Hendekea are impressed with the Goths. Ron and Chris stop with the lesbian team to check for flights. Nate and Jen pass them. Only six teams will get the fast connection from Dublin to Amsterdam. Nick and Jen’s lady was quicker than Nate and Don’s. So Nate and Jen pass them, even if Nick and Don were in front of them.

In Dublin Nick and Don run to standby counter. Nick is a little pushy. Ron and Chris watch as Nick looses his temper. At the same time Ron looses his temper. Nick finds it funny. It is kind of funny. It’s really none of Ron’s business. Even if he thinks that Nick makes him look bad. Ron and Nick make it on the flight.

Az and Hendekea make the right decision and decide to pay for the train to Centraal on the train. The other teams miss the train. It’s only a 10 minute delay though. It’s time for a detour. It’s either hoist or hunt it. Hoist involves hoisting up some furniture. The second involves finding a bike among thousands of bikes and riding it 5 miles. The Goths decide to hoist. Lorena and Jason pass the Goths easily. They complete the task first. They have to take the bus to Ransdrop to find their next clue. They are actually in first place. The Goths switch partners. Kynt hoists the last bit. They complete the task and are still in 2nd place.

Az finds their first bike. They find the second after the gramps arrive. They leave on their bike ride. Shana complete the task faster than most teams with men. Nate and Jen follow them closely. All of the teams catch up to Lorena and Jason except the Goths.

Az and Hendekea are in 5th place. They meet up with the Goths to take the bus. The tail end of the teams arrive in Amsterdam. Rachel and TK aren’t working well together. TK can’t tie the knots properly. Rachel gets it on her first try.

The teams arriving in Ransdrop have to complete the ditch vault for a roadblock. Lorena and Jason complete it first easily. They have to take a cargo bike to the pit stop. Nate and Jen have trouble with the ditch vault. On her vault back, Shana falls into the mud.

Lorena and Jason are #1. They win a sportbike with three wheels. Nate and Jen are #2. Shana and Jen are #3.

Ron is a grumpy bastard. He constantly bosses poor little Chris around constantly. He is a bitch. She tells him to stop shouting and he continues to badger her. Chris is frustrated with her father. He makes her cry and she tells him that he needs to change.

The Grandpa team has rot in their brains and decides that Grandpa should do the ditch vault. A costly mistake.

Kynt makes it across right after Rachel and TK. Vyxin has problem driving the bike. Kynt has to push it. Rachel and TK drive their bike right by Phil. They double back and find Az and Hendekea. Az is #4 and TK is #5. The Grandpa finally makes it across after he has stripped down to his underwear. The Latinas get it on their first try. Marianna and Julia are team #7. The Grandpa team is next.

Ron is a bossy bitch. He doesn’t let his daughter do the ditch vault. He constantly interferes. They aren’t working well together. They are team #9. The lesbian ministers are eliminated.

* * * * *

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