City Homicide Rostered Day Off S01E13 (Channel 7 AUS)

Sparksie is in trouble. Joiner believes it and the Freeman doubts it. Bernice puts a tough and awkward case in Mapplethorpe’s hands. The squad goes to full alert in order to find Sparks who is missing.

They find out some interesting things about Sparks, but nothing to lead them directly to him. It takes them a long while before they piece what happened to Sparksie together. Joiner comes to a hard decision.

I liked this episode of City Homicide. I wonder if Joiner will really quit. I found the way Bernice dealt with her case annoying. She just decided to dump the whole affair in someone else’s lap. Mapplethorpe wasn’t happy, even after Bernice’s explanations.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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We see how Sparksie starts his mornings. He is wrapping a present for someone. His new place is pretty empty. He still hasn’t emptied all of the boxes.

He has to make a stop before dropping off the presents. He knocks on a strange house. He turns his back to the door after he knocked. A guy with a gun shoots him in the chest and drags the body inside the house. He looks dead. But he isn’t. He tries to use his cell phone, but drops it.

Wolfie is on Joiner’s back to get back on track. He’s been off his game after having a gun pulled on him. Sparksie is able to call Joiner. The assailants take the cell phone and give Sparksie a few kicks.

Peter a friend of Bernice knocks on her door. He tells her that his wife is dead. She died of cancer. Bernice calls Mapplethorpe to deal with body. Mapplethorpe meets Josh, Bernice’s son. Bernice has known Peter for 20 years. He’s like an uncle to her son.

Joiner comes back from the DPP and listens to the message from Sparksie. Joiner tells Wolfie. Joiner is worried. Freeman doesn’t want to look for him. Wolfie tells them to break into his new place. Joiner is already in. Nobody knows where Sparksie is. He is scheduled for a day off the roster. They see Mrs. Pillsbury at Sparksie’s door. She’s been seeing Sparksie. He was about to see her daughters for the first time. The presents were for them.

Sparksie’s been shot in the gut. The shooter is torturing him.

Karen brings Wolfie the report on Sparksie’s phone. Matt turns up. Joiner called him to help out.

Peter tells Mapplethorpe that his wife wanted to die. He says that he drugged her in a cup of tea. He killed his wife.

Karen gets Wolfie. She has footage of Sparksie meeting a woman when he is about to leave work. He puts something in an evidence bag. Wolfie recognizes the woman, but he can’t pin a name to the face.

Mapplethorpe tells Bernice that Sandy was killed by Peter. Bernice tells her to deal with it as she sees fit. Mapplethorpe asks Ryan and Freeman for advice. They tell Mapplethorpe that Sparksie is missing. Wolfie finds out that the woman is Sheila Colden. Her son raped and killed two women. Sparksie nailed him. Her son is in still in prison. They go to see Colden. She thinks that her son killed someone else. She remembers an address. They arrive at the house where Sparksie is dying. They find blood trails and Sparksie’s car. The place used to be a methlab. The shooters have taken Sparks and plan on dumping his body on a scrap pile. Sparks doesn’t wake up. The shooter shoots him in the hand to wake him up. They leave him in the trunk of a car in a scrap yard.

Wolfie has phoned Jarvis for help. Jarvis knows one of the voices on the message. He tries to find out more from his crew.

Mapplethorpe asks Wolfie for advice on her case. He tells her that compassion is for the courts not the detectives. She should proceed with her murder inquiry.

Jarvis tells everyone that Graham and Tommy Coombs are the culprits. He tells them that their old man was shot by cops. They arrest them and find a revolver with two spent cartridges.

Jarvis needs to find a way to exert some pressure on the Coombs boys. They get the girlfriend of Graham with her kid. They threaten the kid and the girl. Graham reveals the location of Sparksie. Joiner finds him.

Mapplethorpe is pissed at Bernice for putting her on this case. Mapplethorpe tells Bernice that Peter will be charged. Bernice says that she will bring him in the morning.

Sparksie pulled through. He tells Simon a few words. Simon realizes that he has to quit. His heart isn’t the job anymore. He goes back to the office and drafts his letter of resignation.

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