Out Of It

I was completely out of it last night. I spent about an hour painting with watercolors and then moved on to bed after falling asleep on CSI Miami.


They are really pleasant and relaxing. What do I like about them? Each stroke brings out a different batch of colors. I’m testing out the colors that I bought. They are good. I’ve been told by a friend that there is an art supply street in Taipei, where you can find anything. I’m already loaded up for now, but I wouldn’t mind checking it out.

Yesterday I bought a SBK motorcycle jacket on special for US150$. It’s a bit hot these days, but it feels nice and comfy. It’s weather proof as well. I’ve recently learned that you can now ride big engine motorcycles, with red plates, on the highways. That is really cool, but it changes my plans somewhat. I was planning on buying a cheap big engine bike, but these bikes don’t come with the right plates. You need red ones. To get these, you need to buy a really recent big engine bike. I’m thinking about 600cc should be enough. However, this makes the bikes a lot more expensive (US3900 instead of US1000-2500$ which was my budget). I don’t mind. It will be cool riding on the highways. Since I’m planning to be away for a few months in the coming year, it will wait until I get back.

Our neighbor exchanged his Suzuki Skywave 250 (a maxi scooter) for a Yamaha FZ6 naked (a naked street fighter type motorcycle). I don’t know the year, but he’s still wearing a cheap helmet. Maybe he should upgrade that as well. I’ve seen so many accidents on the roads these days, I’m happy in my new safer equipment. All that’s left is some rain gear and boots, which will have to wait.

I’ve been writing Symria in my notebook for now. It gives me the chance to review what I wrote and change it. I’ve started the rewrite on the interlude. Currently I’m writing about how Ivan met Lisa for the first time. Then I have to tackle Ivan’s first adventure at rescuing Lucinda from the vile clutches of the In-Between Witch. I’ve fully described Grabùm, her goblinoid henchman. In the passages about the villains, I talk a lot about ultraviolence and the Nightmare Man.

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