Weeds Protection S03E14 (Showtime)

Nancy has to get a way to fight the bikers. She does think of something but it will mean that a lot of profits will be going away. The safety of her drug dealing family is in line, so she decides to go ahead.

Celia doesn’t know what to do with all the cash that she is getting. She needs someone’s help. Shane continues to hallucinate Judah.

This was another great episode of Weeds. It’s setting up the season finale quite nicely. Cops will be visiting Nancy’s house soon. From the advert, it looks like Nancy will be leaving Majestic. I really enjoyed this episode. I recommend Weeds.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Nancy takes Silas to see the doctor. She goes to see Dr. Tubelow.

Shane has been hallucinating his dad Judah.

Celia has trouble with her cash. She can’t deposit into her bank account. She asks Heylia for help. Heylia tells her to find a crooked accountant. Celia goes to see Doug.

Nancy is talking to Shane. She wants to know more about Judah.

Silas comes home with Conrad’s gun. Nancy takes it away.

Andy goes to see biker chick. He tells her that if he touches anyone in his family again, he will kill Chez. Andy quickly retracts this statement.

Nancy goes to see the Latino gang. The gang leader Guillermo wants to be Nancy’s 50% partner. He says that she will get total protection. She agrees.

Nancy goes to see Conrad with his gun. She tells Conrad about Guillermo.

Some cops use IR imaging on Majestic. They find the cross. They call the city. The giant cross is in Nancy’s grow house. Nancy comes home to find Shane glued to the TV. Wildfires have started. Andy tells Nancy that Denise called. Denise says that someone torched their grow fields. The fires started there.

* * * * *

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