Chuck S01E08 (NBC) Chuck Versus the Truth

Chuck finds that he doesn’t like to get everyone involved in his spy games. It’s not his fault, but Ellie gets involved when she saves someone. At the same time, Chuck finds out from Sarah that nothing is going on between them, in no uncertain terms.

This means that Chuck will want to get some real female attention from somewhere else. Morgan is dealing with Tang’s wife and it solves a problem that the BuyMore has been having. Big Mike is happy. Chuck fake breaks up with Sarah to pursue other girls.

I liked this episode. I’m glad to see that Chuck has moved onto to other girls. There was no point in fake staying with Sarah just for the cover. Maybe there was, but it sucked. This way, he’s a free agent and he can hang out with the new girl Lou. Tang is gone. I was surprised. The character was such an antagonist I expected him to stay around for a while.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

A guy is being tortured for some codes. He is injected with a drug that will kill him in three hours. He has to find the codes in order to get the antidote.

Chuck and Sarah are going out for sushi with Ellie. Sarah and Chuck have to plan what to do and what to say.

Lou is a hot chick and she turns up at the Nerd Herd. She needs to have her phone fixed. She owns a deli in the mall. Morgan calls Chuck a mind cheater.

During dinner, Devon says it’s cute on how slow they are taking things. Chuck doesn’t understand. Devon says that they aren’t having sex. They both look flustered.

Outside the restaurant, they see the guy who was injected with the drug. Eli calls an ambulance. She gives his ID to Chuck. Chuck knows that the guy’s name is Mason Whitney and he is in the intersect. He is involved with operation Sanctuary. He’s a nuclear spy, a guy spying on nuclear technology.

Devon continues to give Chuck pep talks about having sex with Sarah. Sarah looks at him strangely. Ellie comes home. The guy died. She thinks that he was poisoned.

The DOD says that Whitney wasn’t bad, he was working for them. Whitney has the codes to access the US nuclear facilities.

Morgan has to help Harry Tang’s wife to pick out a present for Tang. She is pretty and the other guys tape him. They say that it will be useful. She gives Morgan a strange breast hug after she tells him she wants the biggest plasma TV for Tang.

Lou comes by. She brought a sandwich for Chuck. There is some chemistry there. She invites him to come by her deli. Sarah pops in. She ruins his chances with Lou. Chuck isn’t happy.

Sarah, Casey and Chuck go to the morgue. The assassin is interviewing Ellie. He is posing as a cop. The assassin plants a bug on Ellie. While she signs a statement, he deploys an aerosol substance.

The guys show the tape to Tang.

Sarah has grown concerned by their cover as a couple. She says that they have to make love. Sarah says that they have to stay the night together. That day, he tried talking with Lou again. Lou doesn’t want anything do to with him anymore.

Ellie is freaking out on Devon because of the drugs in her system. They have a shouting match. Casey is listening in on their conversation. He is getting interference from the bug on Ellie. The assassin is there listening in as well. Casey comes by. Ellie was poisoned. She falls unconscious. Casey discovers the bug.

Chuck is pissed. He makes the assassin believe that they have the codes. He outsmarted Casey.

Chuck finds the codes hidden in Ellie’s luck sweater.

The assassin comes by to find the codes. Sarah is posing as Ellie and they nab him. He is quick. He threatens them with the poison. Chuck walks in with the real codes. They manage to get the antibody, but the assassin escapes. Chuck, Sarah and Casey are all poisoned.

The bad guy’s name is Reardon Payne. He was a gymnast and plans to sell them on the black market. Chuck figured this out from the little device that Payne dropped on his way out. It was the tracker. There are a lot of brilliant bits of them telling each other their true thoughts.

Britney Spears plays while they go to get the bad guy.

There is a little fight and Sarah shoots the bad guy in the knee. Before taking the antidote, Chuck asks Sarah if anything will happen between them. Sarah says no.

Tang surprises Chuck, Casey and Sarah in the midst of a briefing. Casey sends him away to Hawaii. He’s become the manager of a pineapple factory. Big Mike admits to Morgan that he has been boning Tang’s wife for six months. That is why he had to give the job to Tang.

Chuck tells Sarah that they need to fake break-up. Sarah tells Casey that she was trained to resist sodium pentothal so she said whatever she wanted.

Chuck goes to have coffee with Lou.

* * * * *

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