Prison Break Bang & Burn S03E08 (Fox)

Scofield is scrambling to get another escape plan into action. With Lechero’s help, he finds a way. Whistler isn’t being honest about his dealings with Gretchen and Mike knows that something is up.

The company wants to get Whistler out of jail pronto and Pad Man makes an appearance. Mike knows that something is up and stops Whistler from getting on a helicopter. The army comes in and Scofield is taken away.

Linc finally grows some balls and shoots instead of surrendering. Gretchen has decided to get rid of everyone. It won’t be long before she decides to kill LJ.

Another great episode from Prison Break. Now that Mike is no longer in Sona, what will happen to the others? Will Mike comes back to Sona at some point? The new plan involves digging upwards from a tunnel. Without Mike’s engineering skills, the plan is doomed to fail.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Linc tells Mike that they have four more days. Mike isn’t happy with Linc for lying to him. Mike feels used. He tells Linc as much. He also compares him to the company.

Gretchen is looking for someone. She finds him. She is looking for Pad Man. He is speaking while he is indoors. He tells her that he hates to travel. He had to come because of the mess she made. He mentions “Bang and Burn”. Gretchen doesn’t want to. General Pad Man wants her to do something that she doesn’t want to.

Gretchen comes to see Whistler again. She tells him that “Bang and Burn” is on. She tells him to be ready by 5. She tells him to kill Scofield.

Lechero and Scofield have a little meeting. Mike tells him that the army is reinforcing all of the bars on the windows. This has to be delayed. Lechero has an idea. Sammy comes to see Lechero. He tells Lechero that they lost 3 men. The men won’t pay their debts. Something has to be done. Sammy wants to recruit Cristobal and his friends.

Gretchen is getting her troops ready to assault the prison.

Tommy Day calls Sofia. He tells her that there is some damage to the apartment that Whistler is renting. She doesn’t know anything about it. He tells her that Whistler was his tenant. The call was monitored by men of the company. They inform Gretchen.

Mahone admits to Felicia that he killed a few men. He tells her about the drugs. He started taking the drugs to deal with the trauma.

Whistler gets a shank from someone in the prison. He plans on using it on Scofield.

Lechero sends Scofield a diagram of his quarters with the mention 4:00PM. It leads them to a secret pass coded door. Lechero meets them and lets them into service tunnels. Mike plans on digging up. The tunnels were blown up by the soldiers.

Sofia goes to investigate the apartment. She finds a few things. She finds another passport. Whistler has the name Gary Miller on that one. Gretchen comes by to threaten her. Gretchen bags the few things.

Sammy walks in and almost surprises Scofield and Whistler. Lechero brings him away. They go back into the tunnels. Scofield jammed the door so that they could go back through. Whistler dumps the shank. He also tells Mike that he is claustrophobic.

Linc and Sucre rent a cheap place.

Whistler tells Sofia to stay away from Linc today. She promises. She asks him about the apartment. He denies it. She didn’t tell him about Gretchen or the passport.

The kid meets his dad. Scofield asks him to ask his dad to phone Linc. The kid does as he is told. The father phones Linc. The message is “Don’t come home for dinner.” The message tells Linc to watch his back. A man is watching them. They meet Sofia. The man watching them phones Gretchen. Gretchen tells him to kill all of them.

Sammy gets a call from Linc. He just hangs up. The men try to kill Linc and Sucre, but for once Linc is able to take out one man. Linc is in the same situation as before with LJ. The same guy who held LJ hostage is holding Sofia hostage. And finally, Linc learned his lesson. He shoots and kills the man stone cold.

Mahone is at his hearing. Sullivan doesn’t know Mahone’s problems. Felicia comes by at the courthouse and drops the pills she got for him in the trash. Mahone is not making any sense. He is asking completely insane.

T-bag comes to find Scofield. Lechero wants to talk with him about his brother. He warns him about the cell phone. Linc tells Mike that the company is coming after them. Scofield knows that the company is going to break Whistler out by themselves. Whistler is on the roof and a helicopter is arriving for him. Another helicopter is there with fire support. Whistler gets on the line. Scofield jumps on him. They both fall down. The mission has failed. Gretchen’s phone is ringing. She isn’t answering.

Mahone is told by Felicia that he is on his way back to Sona.

Scofield is singled out and taken out of Sona.

* * * * *

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