Reaper The Cop S01E08 (CW)

Sam has a big problem. He’s on his own while dealing with a new escaped soul from hell. It’s not going to be easy. Meanwhile Ben and Sock investigate Gladys, the demon that takes delivery of the vessels at the DMV. The Devil is being very nice with Sam. Sam is getting worried.

Sam has to help Greg for Andy’s surprise party. He knows she doesn’t want one, but he still helps out. Meanwhile Andy discovers that she doesn’t really like Greg. Sam goes through a few hoops with the Devil and he finally makes it out alive, with both souls on their way to hell. Sock discovers more than he bargained for from Gladys. It’s kind of funny. Sam makes his move on Andy. It didn’t work.

Reaper is starting to grow on me. I still find Chuck a lot better, but Reaper isn’t bad. Sock was pretty funny in this episode. He’s better as comic relief. It’s not so much fun when he messes up Sam’s missions.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Gladys is one the way to see Sam at the Work Bench. Sock has to ask her why she is buying so much toilet paper. Sock is playing with fire. He gets lightly hit with a car after he sees a body in her car.

It’s Andy’s birthday. Sam gets the dog of the month award at the Work Bench. He finds a tattoo of a bird on his forearm. The Devil transports him away for dinner. The Devil gives him a watch. He says that Sam is his employee of the month. He also gives Sam a casefile on Curtis Mays, a multiple murderer who was killed by lethal injection. He’s back for more.

Sock and Ben are investigating Gladys’ purchases at the Work Bench. They go to see the people involved with Mays’ case. They don’t see Mays turn up. He is getting ready to kill someone else. They interview a prosecutor who was involved in Mays’ case. He says that Mays’ lawyer was killed two days ago. Judge Collins is found dead.

Greg is Andy’s boyfriend and he has this big party planned for her. He needs Sam’s help to surprise her.

Sock and Ben are staking out Gladys’ house. Sam is staking out the prosecutor’s house. Sam tasers a cop. The cop is about to arrest Sam. Sam bribes him with the Devil’s watch. The cop takes the watch and takes the taser.

Andy is bitching about her boyfriend to her friend.

Sock and Ben break into Gladys’ house. They don’t find anything strange. They don’t notice her driving up to her house. Gladys takes a shovel to them. They run away. All that they were to do is ridicule her in front of her neighbors.

The Devil gave Sam the watch of the dead defense attorney. The cop recognized it. The cop will also know that Sam was there to see Judge Collins. Sam is in deep trouble. He will get arrested. The cops search Sam’s locker.

Sock researches angels and discovers that demons used to be angels. Satan is a fallen angel named Lucifer.

Sam and Greg have a bitch fight in Greg’s car. Greg is pissed because Andy knows about the party.

The cop knows right away that Sock isn’t a lawyer and sends him packing. Sam is loosing it. The detective sees Sam tattoos. They spell out his address. 613 Cardinal Dr. The cop takes Sam to his house. Sam tells him that the killer is Mays. The cop Stafford tells Sam that if Mays shows, he is in the clear.

Sock goes to apologize to Gladys. He has tea and crumpets. The demon is hitting on him. They make out. It’s kind of weird. Thankfully it’s just a dream.

Sam is trying to convince Stafford that he needs the taser. Stafford tells him that the taser is in his car. The car gets blown up by a fireball thrown by Mays. Sam can’t get to the taser. Stafford is blown away. Mays is about to kill him. Sam takes a shotgun and pops a few shells into Mays. Mays is coming to get him. Sam uses the shotgun to open the burning glove compartment. He takes out the taser and shoots Mays.

Stafford pulls a gun on Sam. He says that he needs this collar. He needs to put Sam in jail. Stafford says that he knows the Devil sent him. Stafford tries to shoot Sam, but it doesn’t fire. His hand turns and forcefully shoots himself. The Devil turns up. Stafford sold his soul to become supercop.

Andy tells Sam that she broke up with Greg. Sam gives her the present that the guys didn’t want him to give her. They told him that the gift says too much. Andy tells him that she can’t accept his gift. Sam tries to make his move, but Andy doesn’t want to loose his friendship.

Sam gets another watch from the Devil. It’s a get out of Hell free card. They think it’s a joke, but Sam decides to keep the card anyway.

* * * * *

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