Survivor China Just Don’t Eat the Apple S15E09 (CBS)

James says the plans on taking the immunity idols with him to tribal council. He wakes everybody up in an obnoxious way. Courtney and Amanda noticed that Denise is upset. They think that she will switch over to Zhang Hu.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Todd finds PG supremely annoying. She starts to boss everybody around. Todd sees Courtney flirt with Frosti. He is worried.

The tribe gets divided into two teams of four and they have to navigate bouncing balls on drums through an obstacle course. The yellow team composed of Frosti, Eric, Courtney and Amanda smoke the red team. Frosti and Eric do all of the work. They will leave for a cruise on the Li river.

PG gets under James’ skin. He tells her to shut up. She leaves to take a walk. She just put her foot in her mouth. James talks with Denise about PG. Todd is finding it really hard. His friends are away on a boat. The old Fei Long people talk a little behind PG’s back. Eric doesn’t mind.

Anorexic Courtney is loosing her mind. Frosti is trying his best to get into her pants. Amanda finds Eric adorable. She wants him to stick around. Frosti feels threatened by Eric. They lie to the people at camp about the fried chicken, mashed potatoes and bread.

Todd talks to his crew about PG’s antics. Eric is included in this. PG’s got a target on her back. Frosti calls it a Jean-Robert move.

At the immunity challenge, Jeff tries to bribe them into not participating. He tries to get them out by bribing them with homemade cheeseburgers. Only PG, Frosti, Amanda and Eric compete for immunity. Another bonehead maneuver. The final is between Frosti and PG. PG easily wins immunity.

The people who ate compare notes at the camp. The choice is between Frosti and Eric. Frosti and Todd talk about Eric. Todd wants to target Courtney.

Todd has a talk with Courtney. She doesn’t want Frosti to go.

During tribal council, Jeff asks the tribe about the food. James says that he ate 7. He was hungry. Frosti gets evicted. The tribe isn’t heading back to camp. They have another eviction.

* * * * *

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