OS Crash

I experienced some problems with our main computer today. Nothing big, but I had to reinstall windows, which sucks.

I’m hoping that I haven’t lost any data. Should be alright, most of my data is on separate drives. I’m pretty sure a virus is responsible. I didn’t get much done today. We went grocery shopping and I cooked some salmon.

I always hate when this happens. It happens on a regular basis with most PCs. This time, I couldn’t load the desktop, no matter how hard I tried, in every mode that I could think off. I was left with trying to repair windows with an old CD. Naturally I didn’t have a recent one since they didn’t give me one when I purchased my computer last year. It’s really annoying to do this.

I’m hoping that I will be able to recover some data in the \My Documents folder. I made the mistake of keeping some stuff there and not backing it up. It’s mostly little stuff, nothing too crazy like my stories.

Author: range

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