Bionic Woman Trust Issues S0107 (NBC)

Bionic Woman is a new series that is a re-imagining of the original series called The Bionic Woman from 1976-78 starring Lindsay Wagner. Katee Sackhoff is absent from this episode as well. It’s too bad, I miss her in this show. Her character was nice and complex.

Jaime continues her spy game with Berkut. She learns some things from Tom that make her think twice about continuing her relationship. At the same time, she isn’t sure anymore if she can trust Antonio Pope, her mentor. Jonas gets involved and by the end they have resolved these issues.

The music is great in this episode. Real great production values. The hand held shots give a great feel to certain scenes.

I thought that this episode was pretty good. There are some incredible scenes when Jaime jumps up a few stories to get where she needs to go. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. I watched them a few tiems. You can see why this show costs so much. I’m surprised to see that Pope is dead. When he got shot, I was sure that they might turn him into another bionic soldier. That would have been appropriate. Can anyone say the Six Million Dollar Man?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Jaime is following someone. She gets a call from Tom. She is distracted. She is going to have dinner with his sisters. She looses her target. She starts running and picks up his trail again. The man made an exchange. She is following a package. She has to use her bionics to keep up with the car.

She jumps over the car, doubles back and jump onto the car to cause an accident. The guy has an accident. Jaime recovers the package.

Becca is cooking dinner for Tom and Jaime.

Pope is on her back for using her bionics in overkill mode. He says that the spy game and relationships don’t really mix well. The package had .50 caliber DPU shells for a special rifle with a further range than any other on the planet.

The US developed the rifle. The military lost a few dozen rounds and a rifle. The President of Imara is the target, wherever that is. Imara is imaginary. Or are they talking about Omar? Imara is in Africa. I hate it when they invent stupid countries in order to be PC. They should have just chosen Zimbabwe. Pope has a stick up his ass about Imara. He was there. Pope tells her that her relationship won’t work. Jaime senses some anger from him.

Jaime has to go to her therapy session with Ruth. She passes the time by trying to get Berkut a better therapy location. Berkut isn’t really conducive to opening up.

Over dinner, Becca is quizzing Tom on how he met Jaime. She gets a call from Pope. Rudhan is arriving immediately. Jaime has to leave.

Nathan tells Jonas about the alert that he received. Jonas phones Jaime to tell her to go to the airport. She mentions that she is already on the way there. Jonas says that it’s not possible because he just found out about this.

Tom is actually surveilling Jaime. He gets a call from his handlers and tells them that Jaime just left a few minutes ago. Jaime arrives just in time to see the sniper getting ready for her shot. I say her, because the sniper looks like a woman.

Tom shows up at the airport. He was called in for backup. She quizzes Pope about his arrival. He says that the head of the President’s security called him. Pope is acting suspicious. He hides a 0.50 shell from Jaime.

Nate calls Jaime with some new info. He tells Jaime that he already called Pope. Pope is on his way to the new location that Nate found. He told Nate not to call anyone. Jaime spots some surveillance on her as she exits her building. She confronts them. They tell her that she will have to take it up with Agent Tom Hastings. Jaime is pissed. She arrives at the apartment and overhears Pope talking with someone on the phone. It sounds like he is warning someone to back off from the assassination of Rudhan.

Jaime meets up with him and pretends that everything is fine. Jaime tells Jonas about this. Jonas plans on double baiting Pope.

Tom says that it’s part of agency protocol. He told the agency that he was dating. The CIA needed to check her out, that was all that it was.

Pope is being followed by Jaime. She isn’t too good at it. Pope surprises her and confesses to what he has done. The assassin is someone he knows. They scramble back to the real location of the President to stop the assassination. Jaime uses some incredible jumps to get to him in time. Pope is on the way to get the assassin. Jaime double back after she has protected the President.

There is a standoff and Pope gets shot. He manages to shoot the assassin as well. Pope dies on the table. He warns Jaime about relationships. When she comes home, she tells Tom that she can’t do this. She isn’t cut out for it.

* * * * *

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