Brotherhood Dear Landlord S02E05 (Showtime)

Mike is getting tired of Freddie. Tommy is loosing focus of his political career. He misses an important opportunity. Declan falls further down the spiral.

I really like this show. I’ve watched three episodes in a row on Saturday and I just wanted to watch more. The character development is good. The best bits in this story arc happen in the latest episode though. The previous one stage the scene very well. I recommend Brotherhood without reservations.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Freddie is beating up his one of the Richard brothers. Kath tells Mike that she is late. Tommy is still seeing his mistress. They had sex at a political party in the bathroom. One of Tommy’s aides Alex is being approached to run for his own seat. Tommy asks him if he wants him to have a word with the speaker.

Declan is giving Freddie an update on the Richard case.

Colin wants to find his dad. Rose doesn’t know much or she isn’t telling much to her nephew. Mike and Colin pose as cable repair men. They are searching the Richard place for the money. Pat Richard stole from Freddie, that’s what all the trouble is about.

Eileen is threatening to leave Tommy. She wants to leave. She ends up in a hotel.

Rose is waiting for Judd to play cards. Judd’s wife tells Rose that he won’t be coming anymore.

Rose tells Colin who his dad is. Judd is his dad. Rose drops him off in front of Judd’s house. Judd’s wife doesn’t want him to see Judd.

Tommy is making cheeseburgers for his girls. His aide Alex comes by to drop off some papers. Tommy hasn’t done anything about his campaign.

Eileen is getting hit on in the hotel bar.

Michael is thinking about the neighborhood that he was in. He talks with Kat about it.

Declan stakes out the school of Pat Richard’s kids. He doesn’t make the call to Freddie. He corners him in a diner and tells him to disappear.

Mike and Kath look at the house that Mike ransacked. The agent tells Mike that getting a traditional mortgage will be a problem. Kath likes the house. The house is still ransacked. Mike starts having a fit while putting gas into his car. He starts getting violent. She tells him he needs to go back to see the doctor. He isn’t fine.

Tommy is overbooked and he misses an important meeting with the Latino council. Latinos make up 30% of his district.

Rose negotiates Colin’s entry to Judd’s house by promising not to see Judd ever again. Colin meets his dad.

Freddie calls Mike to deal with Pat Richard. Mike gets to work on him in exchange for 10% of the Richard store.

Tommy goes to see his wife. She comes back home.

Mike goes to see the doctor. He gets some pills and the doctor thinks that they will control the seizures.

Tommy goes to see his mistress. She is busy, all he gets is a handjob.

* * * * *

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