Life Farthingale S01E08 (NBC)

Life stars Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews, a police detective who was recently exonerated of a series of murders after having spent 12 years in jail for life.

Crews gets into trouble when Ames is found dead. He is the number one suspect, but thanks to Connie and Earley, no one has any proof what he was after. Crews is still piecing together who framed him. The case involves a man who is killed and who had two wives. The man was working for the IRS and found something big. He got killed for it.

Another great episode for Life. I really enjoy how complex and strange the cases are. They are murder cases, but they are more than that. That is why I think this show should get a full season and stay on air. This is doubtful though, with the WGA strike.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Crews is listening to some motivational tapes in this car. He is surveilling Carl Ames, the retired detective who put him in jail. Ames is having an argument with a guy near the beach. Crews gets called away to a case.

A stove blew up and vaporized the bottom part of his body. The guy is showing only half of his body. His name is Edward Farthing or Joseph Gale. The guy had two IDs.

It turns out that he had two wives. One was married for him for 5 years. The other was married for 3 years. Marisa didn’t know exactly what he did. He worked for the government. Elena says that he was a government agent. Marisa describes her husband as forgetting who he was and where he was. Maybe it’s because he had two wives. One for the mind and one for the body. Both wives say that he listened to them.

Crews thinks that maybe the wives got together and decided to kill him. Reese is surprised that Crews proposes this, because to her it seemed like the women loved their husbands.

Crews gets confirmation that the pilot lights in the stove were rigged. Lt. Davis gets a call from someone. A police officer is down. Ames is found dead. Davis tells him that IAD will be visiting him soon and that she will be handling this case personally.

Reese tells Crews that they got a hit off the government database as Rudolph Farthingale. He worked for the IRS. Farthingale was in tax evasion. He would flag the people who evaded their taxes. They would be contacted by field agents. He didn’t contact them personally and they didn’t know them.

Crews a visit from John Garrity, his union rep. He calls Constance. She is in NYC.

Farthingale was a really bland guy. They take Elena and Marisa to see where their husband died.

He was not looking for the person not obeying the law.
He was looking for the person not not obeying the law.
Rudolph Farthingale to his wives.

Crews hypothesizes that Farthingales wanted to be a spy so badly that he stumbled upon something big.

Davis talks with Reese about Crews. She believes he is guilty.

Crews wakes up and finds Constance waiting for him at his house. The DA’s office called Constance last week. She got a job from them. She says that her husband is staying in NYC. She tells Charlie that she is working for the DA and that she will be seeing him again from opposite sides.

A week before Ames died, the DA took his lawyer from him.

Crews is getting interviewed by IAD. He talks in riddles. Reese wants him back into the Farthingale case. They interview the wives and try and find points of connection. Both wives tell them that their husband had trouble sleeping. He used to sit in a chair in both houses. He stared at five baseball caps in one house and five bottles of wines in the other.

1993, 1997, 1999, 2002, 2004. Those were the years of the Freestate bombings. The bottles of wine and baseball caps come from the years of the bombings. They think that Farthingale found the bomber and got killed by him.

They find Leonard Slatz who filed the years before the bombings. Slatz paid his taxes last year. So Freestate is preparing for a bombing this year.

Crews gets a call from Constance. She tells them to go home. The police are executing a search warrant for his home. The cops break into his study. They find his diagram of conspiracies missing. Earley said that he got a call from his lawyer and that they were executing a search warrant. He went into his study to clean up.

You are what you receipt.
IRS mug.

Crews analyzes their spending habits and finds a common place, Dandy’s fast food. Slatz PO box was closed by a creepy guy in an RV. They find a lot of RVs near Dandy’s. The owner of the lot knew that they were cops and that they were coming to talk or look for Slatz. He planted a bomb as a trap. The owner is Leonard Slatz.

Crews sees the strange guy who was arguing with Ames in the beginning of the show. It’s Reese’s dad, Jack Reese. Crews doesn’t go to Ames’ funeral but to Farthingale’s.

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