Kid Nation Not Even Close To Fair S01E09 (CBS)

I’ve changed my mind about Kid Nation. It’s just like some form of summer camp activity with cameras. CBS has noticed it as well, because the ratings aren’t great either. It’s still interesting to see the kids interact.

The town gets a message to mix up the teams. Some kids are happy, some are really unhappy. The town council sees what the consequences of unpopular decisions are. Blaine is finally split up from Greg and he sounds happy. Laurel was acting a bit snobbish about her district. At the end of the show, there is an election. All districts have opponents now, even Laurel.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

In the green district, four people have won the gold star. Laurel is pretty happy about her district.

Jared doesn’t think it’s fair.

The book tells the town council to mix up the districts. Laurel is against it. Zach and Guylan are for it. Anjay says that it will create problems.

Emilie is a lazy little fat kid. Markelle doesn’t like her. Anjay wants Emilie in his team. Guylan wants intellectuals like Nathan. Laurel doesn’t want anyone to mix up her district. Markelle doesn’t like Nathan because he does everything by himself. Zach takes Blaine. Greg is upset. Greg is making a big deal out of it because Laurel didn’t trade anyone.

Later Greg confronts Anjay about his decision. Blaine thinks that he will get the credit that is due to him in the Yellow district. Greg tries to bunk with the yellow district. Zach says that he can’t have him sleep here.

The red district is furious with Guylan for trading people. Everyone on his team hates him.

Hunter is holding a service on Sunday. After the service, Mike finds that he was too hard on Nathan. He apologizes to him. Nathan feels better.

Tensions are hard in the blue district as well. Greg is still upset about Anjay’s decision to send Blaine away. Olivia pushes and bullies Anjay around. Mallory thinks that its time for Anjay to get off the council.

It’s time for a showdown. The districts had to take some rocks in a sled and push them across an obstacle course. They have to carry a ton of rocks across together to get the reward. Blue is the upper class. Yellow are the merchants. Green are the cooks. Red are the laborers. They didn’t win the reward. Guylan says that everyone was thinking about their status in town. Sophia is pissed at him and swears at him. The town is happy, schadenfreude.

The reward was between beds for everyone and a swanky lounge that not everyone could enjoy.

Hunter and Nathan clean up the town. Laurel thinks that Hunter deserves the gold star. Sophia apologizes to Guylan.

Blaine takes charge of the yellow district. Kelsey thinks that Blaine should be leader.

Randi is upset and wants to go home. Greg tries to comforts her better than Taylor ever could. He carries her to bed.

The forerunners for the gold star are Blaine and Hunter. I’m sure that Divad nominated herself again this week. During the town meeting, the green district is upset with Laurel for being so selfish. Greg is upset with Anjay. He thinks that Anjay shouldn’t be on the council. Randi wants to leave. There is rain at the moment she raises her hand. Randi leaves. Blaine wins a gold star.

Only Blaine is happy with the council. Everyone else is unhappy. The town wants another election. DK, Blaine, Greg and Michael all want to run.

* * * * *

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