The Amazing Race Please Lord Give Me Milk S12E03 (CBS)

The episode title comes from the roadblock where Lorena lost her cool. It was pretty entertaining to watch, especially since Jason couldn’t help her out. Just like the donkeys, the camels are hard to deal with for people not used to animals.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Ron developed a hernia due to physical exhaustion during the last task. He needed medical attention during the pit stop. The teams have to fly to Burkina Faso. There is only one flight today to Burkina Faso. Nate and Jen are on the first flight to Paris.

Most of the other teams are on the 8AM flight to Paris. Ron and Chris have to run to make it in time. Ron is talking about his hernia. The second flight is delayed and it’s not sure if they are going to make it. They all make it onto the flight to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Marianna and Julia move into first place.

Shana and Jennifer get swindled out of their money by the taxi mafia.

Nate and Jen are first. They have to take a train to Bingo. The train leaves them off in the middle of nowhere. The train station is closed until tomorrow 7AM. Grandpa finds Marianna and Julia hot but feisty.

Shana and Jen have trouble on the train. Az and Hendekea find them funny. They find Africa reminds them of their home. They are from Ethiopia. The teams have to milk a camel and drink the milk. The grandpa has no problem milking the camel. TK is also doing well. Some of the teams like Az and Nate are stressed out. This is stressing out the animals.

TK is first, followed by Donald. Chris drinks up. Jen wastes time by thinking that she is full, and dropping some on the way back from the judge.

All of the teams are following the Grandpa team who is lost. They have to double back. Rachel and TK find the path and Nate and Jen follow them. Lorena is crying because the camel keeps kicking her bowl away. Az finally manages to milk the camel correctly.

The next task is a detour. Teach it or learn it. In teach, they have to teach a kid 10 English words. In learn, they have to learn 10 Moré words.

Shana and Jen are in 7th place. Az and Hendekea chose learn and approach the task systematically. Memorizing 10 words isn’t really hard. They move easily into 1st place. They make their way to the pit stop. The weather turns on the teams and they still make it 1st to the pit stop. They win a trip to Bermuda.

After receiving some tips from Julia, Lorena is able to milk the camel correctly. Ron and Chris are 2nd. TK and Rachel are following closely behind. Nate and Jen are behind them. The Grandpa team is in 5th place. The Goths are in 6th.

The teams have to run. TK and Rachel are 2nd, Nate and Jen are 3rd, the Goths are 4th. Ron and Chris are 5th. The Grandpa team is 6th. Shana and Jen are 7th. Lorena and Jason are team number 8. Marianna and Julia are the last team to arrive. They are eliminated.

* * * * *

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