The Sarah Jane Adventures Revenge of the Slitheen Part 1 S01E01 (BBC)

I came across this show completely by accident. I usually keep tabs on Doctor Who, but the Sarah Jane Adventures airs on CBBC, the BBC children’s network. Actually After each episode is aired on BBC One, viewers can see the next episode straight afterwards on the CBBC Channel. The show had a special last year and a new series started in September. I’ve watched a few episodes.

I find Yasmin Paige’s acting as Maria Jackson really annoying. She screams most of the time. Other than that, I’ve enjoyed the series. It’s fun to see Sarah Jane Smith once again. She’s the favorite companion of all time and is great to watch.

Initially they wanted to have a young Doctor, but Russel Davies suggested using Sarah Jane. It’s worked out pretty well I believe. She’s got an adopted son Luke, Maria the neighbor who drops by for some adventures, as well as Clyde who becomes part of the team in the 1st episode of the season.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Sarah Jane Smith lives across the road from Maria Jackson. She moved in with her dad when her parents got a divorce. Sarah Jane adopted Luke. Together they save the world.

It’s time for school. Sarah Jane drops off Luke. He meets up with Maria.

At the school, the Slitheen have moved in. They take over a few people including the school principal Mr. Lakeman. He makes a strange speech during morning assembly. He takes Luke’s class over to the new technology building. Clyde is in this class as well, he’s another new student. Clyde says that the principal’s farts smell funny. Clyde meets Maria for lunch. They discover that the food in the cafeteria is off.

Maria’s dad tells Sarah Jane that the technology block looks almost the same as another one on the other side of town at another school. It was also built by the same company, Coldfire.

Luke has doubts about going to school.

Crissy, Maria’s mom, turns up at Alan’s doorstep. Alan look annoyed. She looks preggers. Maybe she’s just rotund.

The Slitheen are up to something. They activate something and London looses its power. Even candles can’t be lighted. Some sort of energy absorption device.

The Slitheen want to destroy Earth.

Sarah Jane investigates the old school. Things are off there, including the food. Sarah Jane feels like she’s being watched. The Slitheen know that she is there.

Mr. Jeffries, one of the Slitheen, wants to use Luke’s mind to solve their storage problem. Luke solves it very quickly and the Slitheen is pretty happy.

Sarah Jane wants Maria and Luke to investigate the new computer block. Luke finds the empty space. Sarah Jane meets Janine at Colfire Construction. Sarah Jane wants to know more about Coldfire. There are a lot of problems with their projects. Janine threatens Sarah Jane. Both Luke and Sarah Jane get chased by the Slitheen who finally reveal themselves.

Luke is also being introduced to the Slitheen. Maria and Clyde have escaped Jeffries but fallen into a little trap laid by a young Slitheen. He’s pretty small, but looks funny. He wants to eat them.

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