The Sarah Jane Adventures Revenge of the Slitheen Part 2 S01E02 (BBC)

After each episode is aired on BBC One, viewers can see the next episode straight afterwards on the CBBC Channel. The show had a special last year and a new series started in September. I’ve watched a few episodes.

It’s fun to see Sarah Jane Smith once again. She’s the favorite companion of all time and is great to watch.

Initially they wanted to have a young Doctor, but Russel Davies suggested using Sarah Jane. It’s worked out pretty well I believe. She’s got an adopted son Luke, Maria the neighbor who drops by for some adventures, as well as Clyde who becomes part of the team in the 1st episode of the season.

This episode concludes the initial two parter. The Slitheen make cool enemies, and good monsters for a children’s program.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Sarah Jane escapes using her perfume to stun the Slitheen. She uses her sonic screwdriver to get out. She phones Luke and tells him of their weakness. He uses a body spray to stun the Sltiheen. Sara Jane arrives in time to rescue them.

The Slitheen wonder about the sonic device that Sarah Jane was using. They dismiss her quickly. The Slitheen are outcast Slitheen want to buy some battleships and take over their home planet.

Clyde blackmails his way into knowing more about Sarah Jane.

Sarah Jane needs Luke’s help to figure out what the Slitheen are doing. Luke uses Mr. Smith to compute the fact they are going to destroy the world. The Slitheen plan on leeching the energy out of the Earth. The Slitheen have started their plan already. The Slitheen have switched off the sun.

Thanks to Clyde, they figure out that the Slitheen’s weakness is vinegar. Clyde and Maria vinegar the principal and he’s gone.

Sarah Jane and Luke get captured by the Slitheen reinforcements.

Luke outsmarts the Slitheen and uses Sarah Jane’s sonic lipstick to fry their system. A few of the Slitheen make it out.

Sarah Jane tells Clyde about the Doctor.

* * * * *

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