Dexter Morning Comes S02E08 (Showtime)

Dexter stars Michael C. Hall, most known for his role as David in the HBO drama Six Feet Under. Michael C Hall plays Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter specialist working in Miami for the police.

Dexter learns of some of the dark dealings that Lila has been doing behind his back. He isn’t happy. Lila doesn’t really know who Dexter is. Doakes is back in the picture, like a Rotweiler smelling blood, he knows that Dexter is guilty of something. At the end of the episode, he finds his own vindication.

Meanwhile Dexter is getting grilled by Lundy and Lundy goes out on a date with Deb. That is a strange symmetry. Things are over with Rita, or are they? They might rekindle their relationship before the end of the season. Rita tells Dexter to leave her and the kids alone.

I really liked this episode. Dexter thought that Doakes was out of it, but Doakes is back with a vengeance. That will teach Dexter to keep trophies of his kills. It’s not like Doakes will bring it to the cops, he’ll just kill Dexter, or at least try. But just like last time, Dex was able to maneuver Doakes around to get what he wanted.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Since the fire at Lila’s loft, she’s been staying at Dexter’s. With Deb at the same place, things are starting to get problematic. Dex finds a toy that Cody had stashed in his bag. He finds it endearing. Lila finds that Cody is trying to control Dexter.

At Rita’s, Dexter plans on giving back her key. He brought donuts and is helping out a bit before she leaves for work. She tells him not to drop by anymore. She says never again. He’s too much like Paul.

Agent Lundy informs his task force that they are going to be under investigation by the FBI. The agents will be investigation the old cases that are involved with the Bay Harbor Butcher. Matsuka and Angel tell Dex. Dex is aware that his move backfired. He thinks that emulating Lila might have not been the best idea.

Maria is talking with Doakes. She tells him that he needs to cooperate with Lundy when he gets called in about the investigation. Doakes is thinking about changing professions. She tells him that she knows someone at Stillwater Security. He could work with them.

Deb is told to investigate a case that Batista and Doakes investigated before. He invites her for dinner.

Dex is cleaning up Lila’s loft after the fire. He asks her about the fire and the insurance company. The insurance company is waiting for their full report on their investigation before paying. Dexter notices multiple points of origin for the fire. He thinks that the fire was set intentionally, but he doesn’t say anything. Lila is trying to make sure that he doesn’t go back to Rita. He tells her that he needs to work at home. Lila looks pissed. Dexter thinks that he can’t take any risks right now. He is under too much scrutiny at the moment.

Agent Lundy is questioning Dexter about some cases. He tells Dex that he blew a case. He produced a sloppy blood work analysis that got a guy named Rodrigo off the charge. In fact he did so in reality so that he could kill Rodrigo, but he doesn’t say this to Lundy.

Deb has to question Batista on the Rodrigo case. Deb notices the name Lenny Asher. She wants to question him. Asher reveals that he takes notes on anything strange that happens outside his home. They would like to see his notes. He shows them a pile that says 2002.

Dex is getting grilled by Lundy. Dexter confesses to being overworked when he wrote out that report. He tells Lundy that he only finished that report an hour before the trial.

Deb tells Dex that she has a date with Lundy. Dex looks disturbed. Deb tells Dex that his new girlfriend is gross. Dex thinks that the key to survival is staying one step ahead. That is what Harry taught him. Today, he was almost trapped by Lundy. He can’t let that happen again. He needs to keep Lila at arm’s length.

Lila forces his hand and he has to go bowling with the guys at the office. Lila is loud and annoying. A guy assaults Dexter outside the bowling alley. He cuts Dex and gets away. It’s Santos, the guy who killed his mother.

Lundy plans on cooking for Deb. He plans on cooking some steaks. Deb and Lundy make out over peeling potatoes.

The kids are asking Rita if Dexter will be coming by anymore. Astra explains to Cody what it means to break up.

Dexter says that he needs to embrace the man the he is and get rid of Santos.

Doakes shows up to see Lundy. Maria tells him that her friend Todd says that someone with his background starts at 200K. Lundy just tells Doakes that Dex is involved by saying that bad blood work got the Rodrigo case thrown out.

Deb and Batista find a license plate number in Asher’s notes. It could be the car of the killer that Asher saw.

Dex is getting ready to kill Santos. Dex thinks that he almost believed Lila. He almost believed that he could change, but he can’t. Santos leads him to a secret cabin in the everglades. He is involved in the cocaine drug trade.

Deb can’t find a hit on the license plate. Lila shows up at the precinct to find Dex. Deb tells Lila that Dex isn’t here. Deb takes pleasure in telling her that Dex wasn’t working tonight. The car belonged to Charlie Lewis. The vehicle was seized by the precinct. Someone signed the car out, picked up Rodrigo, killed him and signed the car back. The cops didn’t keep any records of this but they know that the Bay Harbor Butcher is one of theirs.

Doakes is late for his meeting with Todd. Doakes is going through Dexter’s apartment. He is dangerously close to finding Dex’s blood trophy stash.

Dex is getting ready to kill Santos. He uses a chainsaw, the same weapon that Santos used on his mother.

Rita and the kids find the door unlocked. It’s Lila of course. She is freaking out because she thinks that Dex is back with her.

Doakes finds the stash of blood slides that will incriminate Dexter for all his murders.

Dex finds out that Lila told Santos where to find him to attack him. He gets a call from Rita and realizes that Rita is about to get killed by Lila. Dex needs to take care of Lila immediately. He gets the key of Rita’s place from Lila. He confronts her about calling Santos. He tells her to stay away or she’ll see the monster.

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