Dexter That Night A Forest Grew S02E07 (Showtime)

Dexter stars Michael C. Hall, most known for his role as David in the HBO drama Six Feet Under. Michael C Hall plays Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter specialist working in Miami for the police.

In this episode, Dexter goes on the offensive. He takes care of Doakes. He tries to muddle the waters with Lundy’s task force. Rita gets rid of Gail, but Dexter is already intertwined with Lila. For now, Lila looks good, but at the end of the episode, we see her twisted side. He won’t stay with her for long. Dexter needs peace in his relationships, not more craziness.

This was another great episode of Dexter. I love how Dexter Morgan’s character is evolving. Before he wouldn’t have thought twice about lying to Rita. Now he comes clean about his affair with Lila.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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There is a lot of beautiful music in this episode. It goes really well with the scenes.

Lila and Dexter are having sex again. He leaves like a satisfied customer. Rita is sleeping in again. Gail wakes her. Dexter tells Deb that he broke up with Rita for real. Deb doesn’t think that he’s serious.

The Miami Tribune received a 32 page manifesto from the Bay Harbor Butcher. Angel is heading up this part of the case. He is heading over there with Agent Lundy. Dexter says that he sent the manifesto.

Doakes is told once again by Maria to leave Dexter alone. Doakes has been sniffing around Dexter some more. Camilla the woman from the records tells Dex that Doakes has been trying to see the files that Camilla took away from there. Doakes will know that something is up.

Dex tells Doakes the wrong analysis of some blood spatter on a recent case. Dex is trying to use this as a way to get rid of Doakes. He gets a call from Lila. She sold the cannibal installation for a lot of money. She wants to celebrate.

Gail is trying to coach Cody for an oral presentation. The kids aren’t too pleased with grandma. Gail has taken control of the situation.

Lundy is having a meeting on the manifesto. Angel finds a lot of literary quotes in the manifesto. He has to fight a bit of stupidity and incredulity before the others recognize Mark Twain.

After having talked with Lundy about Chopin, Deb listens to the composer in the gym. It leads her to a special place, but she’s interrupted by Gabriel.

Deb finds Lila at Dex’s place. She is pissed at him. She tells him that he messed up. Lundy notices that something is off with Deb. He asks her about it. Lundy deduces that she has been listening to Chopin. He tells her that Chopin can stir up some dust.

Dex slips his blood report on Doakes’ desk. Doakes is still trying to get a confession out of Wilson. Dex sets him up. He tells Maria that he told Doakes that Wilson is innocent. The evidence supports this. Doakes is looking like a crazy person. He tries to blame Dexter. Maria tells him that he is in serious trouble.

Deb tells Gabriel that she wants to break up.

Lila and Dex talk about his situation. They break into a house and have sex. He gets a phone call from Cody. Gail punishes him. Rita comes by later and finds her kids in bed. Rita phoned her aunt and found that her mom was fired from her teaching job. Rita kicks her out.

Dexter tells us that he mixed and matched his manifesto from blogs and various sources. It’s just there to confuse the cops. Or so he hopes so.

Doakes is waiting for Dex in her lab. When Doakes is in his face, Dex gives him a head butt in the face and leaves. Doakes runs after him and assaults him. The other cops have to get Doakes off Dexter. Maria immediately suspends him.

Lundy gets the Tribune to publish the manifesto without the victim’s names and as a page 3 story. Deb kind of makes a pass at Lundy. They kiss.

Dex goes to see Cody’s presentation. Lila gets a check for 18000$ for her cannibal piece.

Matsuka gets the psycho linguist report back that from MIT. Everyone in the meeting on the manifesto has a different opinion on what it means. Lundy figures out what the killer is up to. Lundy knows that they are close to him. He says that the killer has a law enforcement background.

Lila tries to call Dexter during Cody’s presentation. She sets fire to her cannibal piece. She torches the rest of her place. She uses it to get Dexter back.

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