The Amazing Race Let’s Name Our Chicken Phil S12E04 (CBS)

The blondes decide to pull a U-Turn on Lorena and Jason. Lorena and Jason are already last because of the whole camel milk incident in the previous episode.

U-Turn is a new route marker. It’s similar to a Yield. Teams can only use the U-Turn once in a race. Once it is used on another team, which only happens after a Detour, the team must make their way back to the Detour and complete the other task before moving on.

I thought this episode was pretty funny. I wondered who would use the U-Turn. I wasn’t surprised when it turned out to be Shana and Jen. It’s too bad, because the other teams will gang up against them.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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The teams have to search for the tribal chief. He gives them a chicken. They now have to travel to another town 100 miles away. They must keep their chicken with them at all times. Lorena will have trouble with that.

Shana and Jen have a hard time with the chicken. They name their chicken Phil. Az doesn’t like it when Hendy goes to the bathroom.

The teams are faced with a detour. They can either shake their pan and get an ounce of gold or they could shake their booty and do a traditional African dance.

Nick and Don pass the Goths with their faster cab driver. Ron and Chris pass the Goths as well. Once again, choosing the right taxi dancer is important.

Nate and Jen, Az and Hendy, Rachel and Tk choose to do the dance. They didn’t do it right and got a 10 minute penalty. Mining an ounce of gold can be a very long process. I would just do the dance and at the worst get the 10 minute penalty. That would probably be faster than getting to the mining challenge. Rachel and TK didn’t think of that. They decide to do the mining challenge instead.

Az and Hendy arrive first at the U-Turn. They choose not to use it. After only two detours in the race, there are U-Turns. A U-Turn forces the team to complete the other challenge in the detour.

Nick and Don complete the mining task very quickly. They are 3rd right now. However they get lost.

The teams must now head to a goat market. The Goths go to shake their booty and do a wonderful job. They probably go to a lot of raves.

TK and Rachel complete their task. However they took a long time. Shana and Jen decide to U-Turn Lorena and Jason. They thought that Rachel and TK were Lorena and Jason.

Up next, is a roadblock. They have to load a goat and other supplies on a bicycle and deliver the supplies.

Lorena is pissed at the blondes for U-turning them.

Az and Hendy beat Nate and Jen easy to the pit stop.

Jen and TK confer while they wait for their partners to complete the roadblock. Vyxin has trouble with her bike.

Az and Hendy are #1. They won a Yamaha scooter. Nate and Jen are #2. Jen pleaded with Az and Hendy so that they could be first. Ron and Chris are #3, closely followed by Nick and Don. The Goths are #5. Shana and jen are #6.

Rachel is lost at the roadblock. Lorena and Jason turn up at the roadblock after doing their U-Turn. Rachel manages to find TK.

Lorena and Jason are eliminated from the race.

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