2 Days To Go NaNoWriMo

Well, I’ve hit 44000 words tonight. I’ve got 6000 left in two days. That should be a cinch.

On Symria, my NaNoWriMo novel…

[Symria is the novel I’m writing as my part in NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month which takes place during the month of November.]

More importantly, I’ve finished the initial encounter of Ivan and Lisa and how they go into the closet to get rid of Lisa’s pesky monster problem. I’ve renamed Part 1 Ivan and Lisa and the In Between Witch. It’s almost completed. I need a few more hours of writing in the next two days and I will be done with Part 1. Then it’s time for Part 2: The Prince of Thieves. I’ve called Part 3: The Lost Isles. I’ve got no idea if that title will stick for now.

The procrastination almost got the better of me during the weekend, but I was still able to write a few thousand words. It wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped, but it was enough to get me into 40000 words. Tonight, I was almost distracted by some kick ass movie music that I was listening to while I was writing. I’ve been listening to a great track from Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith. It’s called Anakin’s Dark Deeds and it sums up the movie perfectly. I almost started watching the move once again. Funny, since I saw it about a month ago.

Do I want to get published? Of course, but I’m under no illusions. I know for a fact that Symria will need a lot of editing, but the core of the story is there and it’s original and good, which is all that I really wanted really. I find it very satisfying to write this way.

I finally understand why some writers write songs to include in their novels. It’s really interesting to write songs. I’ve written a few for Symria. I’ve written short pieces of legends and poems as well. They are all integrated into the narrative.

It’s been pouring rain here in Taipei. It’s really annoying. It slows everything down. I finally managed to get some adequate rain gear for when I’m on the scooter, which is pretty much every single day. I got a nice big wind breaker jacket and rain pants. I also added some rain boots that slip over your shoes. They are from the same company. Instead of having a zipper in the back of the leg, they have velcro. Don’t get the zippers, they break easily. I had gotten another pair last week with zippers and the zippers broke the first time I tried them out.

Where do you get rain gear? You can always get brand names in a motorcycle shop, but I find that paying US200$ for rain gear is a bit expensive because the word Honda is on it. You get rain gear from the shops that sell helmets in Taipei. I’d suggest stopping at a bigger one, that way you’ll be sure that they carry your size. I’m about 6′ and wear American size 12 shoes. I got the 4XL. At home, I’m a medium. Granted I’ve got big feet, but 4XL. Then again, my wife is a L here.

Total cost? US35$.

I’m pissed at having bought non weatherproof motorcycle gloves from a motorcycle shop. It’s really annoying. I’ll stop by again and see if they have a solution for that.

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