Robin Hood Childhood S02E03 (BBC)

Robin Hood is the new version of the series on BBC. It started successfully last year and is currently in its second season. Jonas Armstrong stars as Lord Robin of Locksley.

The first season was quite entertaining, especially since I was a fan of the series that ran on the BBC in 1980s. I remember that the 1980s series had a mystical element to it. The new series is really good. It’s a welcome change from some of the more dreary TV shows on American television networks.

I enjoyed this episode. In fact, I enjoyed all of the recent episodes of Robin Hood. I watched almost all of them in a day. They were a lot of fun. I find that the show has really matured well. Marion’s role is a bit strange but once you get used to it’s alright. She is stuck in the castle and a prisoner of the Sheriff.

I recommend Robin Hood, it’s a great show.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Some kids are playing a Robin Hood game in Sherwood Forest. They find Sir Guy shooting some arrows at some new armor, impervious to arrows. The kids are spotted while Gisborne kills the slave who was wearing the armor. They chase the kids.

Robin finds one of the kids. Guisborne sends the other kids to the mines. The kid Daniel tells Robin about the armor. Robin gets his band and they try and find the kids. They track them back to Locksley.

The armorer is showing to the Sheriff. The Sheriff orders 5000 suits of armor. The Sheriff tells Guisborne that the children have to die.

The band is trying to rescue the kids while the armorer is working on some armors. Robin steals the special ingredients and is confronted by Sir Guy. They fight it out. One of the kids is chained to the floor. Little John needs help.

The Sheriff surpises them during their rescue attempt.

A kid saves Robin from being skewered by Sir Guy’s throwing knife. Little John took out all of the bad guys by himself.

Daniel gets captured while trying to shoot the armorer by Guisborne. He will no doubt ransom him for the box of black diamonds.

Jack recognizes the armor of Damascus Steel, or something like it.

Back in Nottingham Castle, Marion’s father isn’t doing too well. She gets a note from Robin via an arrow. Marion tells Robin that she will get the boy out.

Robin needs a backup plan. They plan on replacing the box containing the black diamonds with something that burns very hot.
After the exchange, Robin plans on shooting the box. Jack says that the box will explode.

Marion wants to visit Sir Guy and leave the castle. The Sheriff agrees. She has him sign something. Unsuspectingly, he signed a transfer order for the boy. She tells the merry band that someone posing as a guard could get the boy back to the castle. Alan O’Dale volunteers. Guisborne is getting clad in the new armor. He refuses to help Marion.

Alan O’Dale tells Sir Guy about the mission and the transfer order. Sir Guy buys the information about the booby trapped box from Alan.

Alan pretends that Sir Guy surprised him and that he knocked him out. He got out. Robin says that they will have to use the pitch plan instead.

During the exchange, there is a little showdown. The Sheriff puts the stones into a bag. He gives Robin a wink. The boy is released into Marion’s custody. The Sheriff calls Guisborne how is clad in the invincible armor. He starts to work on Robin.

Robin douses Guisborne in oil and set him on fire. Robin tries to ransom Guisborne. Marion takes a knife to the armorer. She wants Guisborne safe. Actually, she wants to get black diamonds to Robin. The Sheriff warns her that she will get punished.

Munch destroys the diamonds.

Guisborne thanks Marion by threatening her some more. The armorer leaves for France. The Sheriff tells her that her father will rot in a dungeon by himself. Guisborne turns his back to her.

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