Dexter Resistance Is Futile S02E09 (Showtime)

Dexter stars Michael C. Hall, most known for his role as David in the HBO drama Six Feet Under. Michael C Hall plays Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter specialist working in Miami for the police.

In this episode, Dexter thinks that the gig is up. The cops are really close to finding someone for the Bay Harbor Butcher murders and he knows that they are targeting someone in the precinct. At the end of the last episode, Doakes went through Dex’s apartment and found his blood trophies. What will Doakes do with the slides?

The answer was that Doakes didn’t act fast enough. For that, Doakes is doomed. Things get even more complicated with Lila. The woman doesn’t get a hint. Dexter will have to take care of her at some point. However, she’s is buying herself some time by befriending Dex’s friends at the office. Meanwhile Dexter is gritting his teeth in frustration.

Actually, he doesn’t, but he sounds frustrated from the voice over. Things get moving once more with Rita and Dexter will make sure that nothing jeopardizes that. Hopefully Lila will threaten this and Dexter will have to kill her.

I loved this episode. Dexter is really maturing as a great show. I can’t wait to see how the season will end. This was another great episode for Dexter. I recommend this show.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Dexter is back at the office. He’s actually having a strange dream. He was sleeping outside of Rita’s place. He was guarding Rita from Lila. He tells Rita that he’s sorry. He feels such regret, which is rare. Dexter thinks that it’s time to get rid of Santos’ body. However, on the way to his car, he notices a cop car tailing him. He sees that it’s not Doakes. It’s the FBI. Dexter decides to get back to work.

LaGuerta is trying to reach Doakes. Doakes is ignoring her calls and makes his way to an airport.

Deb is in bed with Lundy. Lundy tells her that he wants to tell everyone at work. Lundy gets a call and is getting ready to go to work.

Dex goes into the office and finds out that Lundy has a suspect in the precinct. He pulled all of the PD out of the task force and called for reinforcements from the FBI. Matsuka tells Dex that the FBI forensic team is waiting for him. They want access to the lab’s files.

Dexter remembers when he learned an important lesson from his father. It was when he watched an execution by electric chair.

Lundy isn’t telling anyone.

Doakes is in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He’s meeting Leonis an old pal. He was a fixer for when James was in black ops. He once access to a discreet lab to analyze the blood slides.

Lila is at the precinct. Dexter is pissed. Lila threatens to divulge his secrets. She wants to go out drinking.

Dex has a little talk with Lila in the loo. He tells her to get lost once again. He still sees the feds tailing him. He goes home and looks for the slides. He finds them gone. Dexter thinks that Lundy found them. Deb is there. The feds knock on his door. Lundy is asking to see Lundy. Four FBI agents are there to take him in. Dex thinks that it’s all over. He finds Lundy waiting for him. The captain hands him some gloves. Dexter sees his little box of blood slides waiting for him. He opens it up. Lundy tells Dex that the suspect is James Doakes. Doakes left the country. He had the slides hidden in his car. The FBI found them. Dex uses Doakes’ vocabulary to incriminate him. Lundy tells him that he will need a protective detail. Dex realizes that the FBI was watching him to protect him.

They ask him to analyze the blood slides.

Dex asks his sister to move out, so that she can protect herself from Doakes if he comes after Dex.

Doakes phones LaGuerta and tells her that he isn’t guilty. LaGuerta tries to peddle some influence on Lundy. Lundy makes sure that she understands that Doakes is his main suspect.

Angel asks Dex if it’s OK if he gets with Lila. Dex warns him about her.

Dex leaves with his protective detail. Rita phones him and wants to see him again. Dex is surprised and happy (?). There is an incredibly funny scene in the feds’ car, while Dex has this emotional conversation with Rita and the FBI guys have to listen in. At the end, one of the feds tells him that communication is the key.

Dexter leaves his detail at his apartment and goes to the Everglades to take care of Santos’ body.

Maria asks Deb if she can tell Lundy to hold back on the press release concerning Doakes. Deb looses her temper and says that yes she’s sleeping with him and no she doesn’t have a say on this.

Dex is surprised by Doakes at the dock where he plans on dumping Santos’ remains. Dex puts on the cuffs that Doakes threw him. Dex is able to overpower Doakes in the water. He gets shot in the thigh. Dex puts him in the secret cabin.

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