Reaper Ashes To Ashes S01E09 (CW)

Reaper is an American supernatural television dramedy created by Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas, who also serve as executive producers alongside Mark Gordon, Deborah Spera and Tom Spezialy. Kevin Smith directed the pilot, and is a creative consultant for the series.

From the Reaper Wikipedia entry.

Sam learns from the Devil that his soul had been sold to him by his parents and that he has to be the Devil’s bounty hunter for the rest of his life. He has to hunt and catch escaped souls from Hell.

In this episode, Sam has to capture a non-corporal soul escaped from Hell. At the same time he meets Mimi, the Devil’s mistress. He makes a few interesting discoveries about Satan. His situation with Andy is still not resolved and Ben’s family thinks that Sam is doing God’s work on Earth.

I found this episode hilarious. This show is most definitely getting better. I’d be sad to see it canceled. Ben’s grandma was pretty funny as well. I loved how she gave Sam the evil eye, seconds before Sock tackled her.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The Devil wants Sam to do some handywork for him.

Sam visits Mimi and helps her with her dishwasher. Mimi is the Devil’s mistress.

Andy is acting like everything is normal. Sam is cleaning the food court. The Devil transports him inside a coffin. Dennis Grayson is the escaped soul. He ran a funeral home and sold body parts. The Devil says that Grayson is a ghost since he incinerated his earthly form.

Sam is back at Mimi’s dealing with her washing machine problem again. Sam spends half the night telling her that Jerry is the best guy in the world.

Sam gets the vessel. It’s a blow dryer. They meet Ben’s grandma. She doesn’t know anything about them, but she gives Sam the evil eye. Ben tells them that his family believes that the grandma had special powers. Ben is ashamed of Sock and Sam.

They make it to Sarah Negly’s house. She was cremated years ago. Her son is killed in front of them by her ashes.

Sock tells Sam that he needs to ask Andy out again. She avoids going out with him. Andy admits to Ben that Sam might have a chance with her. That’s all that she can say right now.

They decide to collect all of the ashes of all of the families that were affected by Grayson shady dealings at his funeral home. They give out free carpets and steal all of the ashes.

Sam makes the mistake of leaving the ashes with Sock. The Devil makes an uncomfortable appearance, telling Sam to not talk about Mimi and instead concentrate on finding Grayson.

Sam thinks that they could use Ben’s grandma’s eye to find where Grayson will strike next. They bring a depressed Mimi to the party to cheer her up. They ask grandma and she sticks a fork in Sam’s palm. Sock tackles grandma. Sam brings Mimi home. She asks Sam if she should break up with Jerry. Sam says yes. The house starts to shake. They ask Mimi if she has any ashes in the house. She says over the washing machine. They try and stop the soul from using the ashes. Sam forgot the blow dryer at the party. Sam’s quick thinking saves Sock. He uses water to douse the soul. He then uses a wet vac to suck the soul up.

On the way to find the blow dryer, the soul takes possession of all of the ashes in the trunk. They phone Ben to get into the rec center to get the blow dryer. They manage to suck up the soul just in time and Ben’s grandma thinks that they are doing the Lord’s work.

He shows up at Mimi’s yard sale. He meets Kate, Mimi’s daughter and figures out that she is the Devil’s child.

* * * * *

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