Life Serious Control Issues S01E09 (NBC)

Life stars Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews, a police detective who was recently exonerated of a series of murders after having spent 12 years in jail for life.

The Ames investigation is still ongoing and Charlie isn’t yet out of the woods. The next case involves a dead runaway that leads Crews and Reese to investigate a grocery store.

I enjoyed this episode. Crews’ dialogue is so strange at times that he gets looks from people right in front of him, like the pair of young runaways. I liked how Reese gave him back his carving knife. I recommend Life.

Life has been given a full season by NBC. That’s great news. Journeyman has already been canceled. Chuck has been given a full season as well.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Crews is talking with Early about Rachel Siebel. He tells Earley that Rachel saw with the killer. He also tells Earley that the day after Ames had an argument with Jack Reese, the head of the SWAT team back when the Bank of LA money disappeared, Ames was killed.

Crews is dropping off some photos in Jack Reese’s paper.

Reese’s and Crews’ next case involves a young girl found dead playing a guitar. Crews Crews sees some potential witnesses. Crews gives the two girls some oranges that he grew himself. They identify her as Josie. She was a runaway.

Josie had consensual sex two to six hours before she died. Davies tells Reese that IA wants to talk to him. She threatens Reese. Davies is a total bitch.

At the supermarket where Josie used to play for food, they meet Nate. He knows something, but Nate’s father Ray interrupts and doesn’t let his son reveal anything. They come to find him later on. They see that he has the same carving on his skateboard that Josie had on her guitar. Nate admits that he did the carving and that he fooled around with Josie. He wasn’t supposed to, which is why he was evasive in front of his dad.

Nate has an alibi. Crews wonders why Nate’s father doesn’t want his son showing interest in girls. Crews finds padlocks and bars everywhere. He also finds locks on the outside of doors. Crews thinks that this is a cell.

Ray comes by while they are talking with Nate. Crews tells Ray that he knows him. He is a guard. More likely an abuser. Reese isn’t happy with the way that Crews dealt with the situation.

Crews is late for his meeting with IAD. Crews isn’t very forthcoming. Reese wants them to lean on the bread delivery guy, who gave some bread to Josie. He has been missing from work and his truck is missing as well.

The guy has a house filled with kitten. His name is Dean Gill. He denies knowing Josie. They find a guitar pick in his rig. Gill takes the pick and swallows it. They take him in.

Jack Reese shows up at the precinct. Reese is threatening Crews. Gill admits to having the girl in his rig. He says that he doesn’t copulate.

Davies tells Reese and Crews that the warrant came through for Ray’s place. They find that Ray and Nate fled. They take a moment. Reese asks Crews why he isn’t on a beach somewhere.

Do I look like I tan?
Crews to Reese.

Crews thinks about kittens and cats. Gill’s place is ransacked. They find a lot of dead cats at a grave at Gill’s place. Gill admits to taking Josie’s voice. He killed her.

Reese thinks that Nate and Ray are involved in some kind of custody beat. They find that Nate isn’t Ray’s son. Nate’s real name is Steven Weston taking from his front yard twelve years ago.

Crews thinks that Nate is suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Crews thinks that they split up.

Connie tells Charlie to stop messing around with IAD. She tries to warn him about some cops he’s hanging around. Some of them might not be searching for a pure heart. He gets a call. They found Ray. Ray is just smirking. Crews is thinking that he will use Ray as bait to lure out Nate.

Reese asks Crews what the deal is with the fruit. He says that he missed the fruit in prison. He didn’t get any at all. He is playing with a personal pineapple, a miniature pineapple. Crews gets a call from Nate.

Nate comes in to see Ray. Nate’s real family is waiting for him. Crews takes Nate up to the roof to sit in the Police helicopter. He tells him that he won’t be the same as everybody else.

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