Bionic Woman Do Not Disturb S01E08 (NBC)

Bionic Woman is a new series that is a re-imagining of the original series called The Bionic Woman from 1976-78 starring Lindsay Wagner. Katee Sackhoff is absent from this episode as well. It’s too bad, I miss her in this show. Her character was nice and complex. I’ve read that Sackhoff will continue appearing in later episodes, if there are any. She’s signed a contractual agreement.

Jaime tries to relax, but it leads her to another op. At the same time, she gets the opportunity to spend some time with her little sister Becca. I don’t think that Pope will become the Six Million Dollar Man, but it’s always possible. He’s dead and buried right now.

I found this episode OK. I wonder if NBC will order new shows. I’m not sure. Chuck and Life have received a full season, but Bionic Woman‘s future is still in limbo.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Will Pope become the Six Million Dollar Man?

His name isn’t Steve Austin. That kind of sucks.

The Berkut team is having a wake. Ruth admits to sleeping with Pope.

Someone is following Jamie on a motorcycle. He starts to get away and Jaime starts running after him. He pulls a gun and starts shooting. There are a few cool fight scenes. He’s driving a KTM supermoto. Jaime has no problem detaining him.

She comes home and finds Jonas at her home doing the dishes. Jonas wants her to take some time off. Jaime isn’t ready to take any handouts. So he gives Jaime a briefcase to deliver. She takes Becca on the trip to Montana. Jaime drops off the briefcase. Becca and Jaime order room service and watch Heroes. The guy how got the briefcase is following Jaime. He’s injecting something into his arm.

Nate wants Jae to train him to fight. Nate has a black eye from his brother. Nate is still living at home.

Jonas has been trying to reach Jaime. Someone is making a move on. He asks Jaime to check on his guy. He’s in room 203.

Jaime finds him dead. He’s an assassin. She finds the briefcase. Jonas tells her to dump him in the bathtub with some ice and to take the briefcase. She can’t help herself but look in the briefcase. She finds the assassin’s target. Nick is the son of the target, Vincent Altridge. She phones Jonas. He’s a nuclear engineer who’s going to sell a way to enrich plutonium better to North Korea. He’s posing as an accountant.

Jonas is taking Nate with him to Montana to deal with the situation.

On the gondola, Jaime sees that Vincent has hired some muscle to guard him. Jaime gets made and phones Jonas. Jonas tells her that she needs to kill him before he kills her. Jaime and Becca are going for spa treatments.

Jaime ditches Becca and gets Javier’s gun. She has Vincent in her sights. She talks with Jae. She can’t take the shot. She goes into his cabin and gets him. Jonas talks with him on the phone. He’s able to reason with him. He just wants out.

Jaime leaves in Vincent’s car. They narrowly escape death as Jaime hears a detonator counting down.

They are back at a restaurant and the bad guys try to make a move. Jaime is cool as cucumbers and takes them out lightning fast. She’s on her way to meet Jonas outside.

Jonas has to take out Matt. He’s another assassin wanting to get to Vincent.

Jaime asks for Jonas’ opinion on how to deal with Becca. Jaime is afraid of loosing her. On the way back, Jaime tell she about Pope dying.

* * * * *

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