Spooks S06E02 (BBC)

Spooks is back for another season on BBC. I’ve really enjoyed the last few seasons of Spooks. They aren’t afraid of getting rid of important characters. On top of that, this show has realistically portrayed intelligence operatives, which isn’t easy to find.

I watched these Spooks episodes one after the other. The sixth season is really good. Things really start getting interesting in episode 3. I love how the same storyline takes up the whole season, mainly Iran’s trials and tribulations to get nuclear weapons. The incident in the past episode just exasperated the situation. MI5 finds out later on who was responsible, but it’s too late.

This was another great episode. I recommend Spooks. They use present day or almost present day technology and storylines, which is very interesting.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Adam finds Asnik in a hospital. He is able to order a quarantine. Adam is infected. 250000 will die if they don’t find a way of fighting the weaponized virus.

Roz finds a possible location for Leonard. But he’s gone. They are looking for the mercs as well. Roz finds a pile of bodies immolated. She thinks that Zaff is part of those bodies.

Adam plans on contacting Anna once again. She isn’t happy about it. She slaps him a few times. He tells her about the situation. That he is dying.

They know that three countries could have potentially the vaccine. France, India and Russia. Adam plans on forcing the issue with the spies of those countries in order to obtain answers.

Harry abducts his American counterpart. Jo works on the Russian. Roz takes care of the French. Adam gets the Indian. Adam gets made. Adam has to get physical.

Harry and his team go to visit Connie. She bought some land from the MOD. It houses a bacteriological research facility. They infect all of the captured spies. If they have been vaccinated they will survive. Otherwise they will tell what they know.

The Frenchman knows something about Zaff. He claims that Zaff was led away before the other bodies were torched. The Russian says that Britain and his country have been bargaining for a price for the vaccine. The vaccine is already in the UK. Harry learns that the UK won’t meet the Russian terms.

Connie takes on of Pierce’s wallet and lifts a card. She phones Malcolm to have him reactivate her security clearance. She’s going to see the Home Secretary. She disposes of the secretary and hacks her computer.

Roz wants to pursue her investigation to find Zaff through French intelligence. Adam has infected Jo and the Russian as well. They are on their way to try and get the vaccine from the other Russian spies.

Roz meets with the French spy. She gives Roz some proof about what she had in exchange for the French spy. If Roz releases Yves, she will give Roz what she knows. She asks Roz if she knows who the real enemy is.

Adam obtains the vaccine from the Russians, but they double back to check up on the Russian. They were alerted by someone. Jo is outgunned and outmanned. They take Jo and the Russian into custody.

Adam is able to escape and uses a car to get to the hospital. He gets a call from Jo’s cell. Harry calls the Home Secretary to exert some pressure on the Russians.

The Russian is able to distract the gunman long enough for Jo to disarm him. The Russian spy dies. Another Russian takes the antidote from Adam. Roz arrives just in time to get the vaccine.

After regrouping with his team, Adam gets a call from Anna.

Harry drops off Bob the CIA man.

Connie gives Harry some information that he needs from the Home Secretary. It’s the projected casualties that the Home Office was running in case that the vaccine wasn’t found in time. Harry asks Connie to join them on the grid. She says that she will think about it.

Someone has got Zaff. He isn’t dead yet. Roz wants to go after him. Adam says that he can cover her for 24 hours. Ros gets snagged by a dart and fall unconscious.

* * * * *

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