The Amazing Race We Really Burned Bridges For Sure S12E05 (CBS)

Karma sucks.

That’s what the blondes, Shana and Jen, realize in this episode. They’ve already alienated most of the other teams by pulling a U-Turn on Lorena and Jason in the last episode. They continue their bitchy travels and have a little verbal catfight amongst themselves.

The other team that is constantly bickering is Nate and Jen. They are not working well together. They fight and their team is slowly falling apart. Ron and Chris worked better together, but not by much. Ron continues to badger his daughter to get his way.

I found this episode funny. The constant badgering is entertaining to watch. I liked how Rachel/TK and the Goths ended up in the top of the race this time.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Az and Hendy are first and head to Vilnius, Lithuania to St-Anne’s Church. They have to buy tickets from the ticketing office at the airport, which only opens at 9AM.

The Goths beat the Grandpa team to the airport. Hendy learns that they are all going to be on the same flight.

All the teams meet up at the nearest internet café. Chris and Ron leave to find an Air France ticketing office. They find an interesting flight, but Ron badgers her into doing his way. They arrive at 2:10PM.

The Grandpa team arrives with the correct information for the flight that arrives at 1:25PM. Az and Hendy arrive after them but get their flight before the Grandpa team. The Grandpa team is forced to buy ticked for the 5:35PM flight.

Nate and Jen manage to communicate well with the same woman and get the 1:25PM flight. Rachel and TK arrive at 1:35PM. The Goths are on the same flight. The Grandpa team book the same tickets.

Shana and Jen jockey for seats closest to the door. It’s getting competitive. They push Az and Hendy away.

Shana and Jen have a little verbal catfight. TK just looks on.

The teams have to find their car and get to St-Anne’s Church. The Goths get some maps. The Grandpa team get into the car right away. Nate and Jen took the wrong turn already.

Nate and Jen are lost. Shana and Jen take the wrong turn. The Grandpa team take the wrong turn as well. Ron and Chris pay a taxi to get to the church.

Don and Nick are first at the church. It’s a roadblock. They have to get a package and deliver it by foot.

Az and Hendy are 2nd. The Goths are 3rd at the church, but the Goths beat them to the clue box.

Shana and Jen almost have an accident. They are lost. Rachel and TK are lost as well. Nate and Jen can’t find the church either.

Ron and Chris make it to the church. Nate and and Jen fight because they are lost. The Goths move into first place easily with their good nature.

They have to get to an outdoor ethnographic museum in another town. Shana and Jen don’t ask anybody and are totally lost. Shana refuses to do so. Jen forces her to and they find their way back.

TK is doing well, he gets help from a guy on the street. The same guy ferries him around to his deliveries.

Rachel and TK move into 2nd place. Ron and Chris are 3rd. Nate and Jen are 4th. Az and Hendy are 5th. Shana thinks that she is a good listener and does the roadblock. Don thinks that they will be eliminated.

Lithuania is the land of gnomes. The teams have to find the Travelocity gnome. The Goths are first and start the task.

Shana and Jen are in last place as the Grandpa team pass them by seconds.

The Goths find their gnome and have to do a detour.

They have to choose between stilts and counting the pickets in a fence.

The Goths can’t make the stilts and go to count when Rachel and TK arrive. TK has to wait for Rachel to complete the stilt walk. They are on their way to the pit stop. The Goths complete their task and run to the pit stop.

TK and Rachel are team number one. They win a 10 day vacation to Japan.

Ron falls down near the end. It was Ron’s idea to do the stilts. Jen and Nate counted wrong and have to start over. Ron finally makes it to the end. He complained a lot about his hernia.

Az and Hendy stop the stilts and start to count. They complete their task easily. Ron and Chris finish 3rd. Jen is really annoying Nate. Nate decides to do the stilts. Az and Hendy are 4th.

Nate and Jen complete the stilt walk. They finish 5th. Shana and Jen continue arguing during the counting task. The Grandpa team complete their task and finish 6th. Shana and Jen finish last. They are eliminated. Good riddance.

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