Heroes Cautionary Tales S02E09 (NBC)

Adam Monroe is Takezo Kensei.

How does a guy stay alive for 400 years without aging a day?

That’s the big question. In this episode, we see that all that Isaac Mendez has painted will come true. I find that this power is a really cool one. Future painting. The other power that I found interesting was Monica Hawkins’ muscle memory.

All the players are congregating to Costa Verde for a showdown. Things are not going as planned for anyone. Noah has alienated his daughter. Suresh is trapped in the company’s lies without even knowing.

This was an excellent episode. It’s all leading up to the mid season which will be the end of the second season of Heroes. More answers are revealed in this episode. Great stuff.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The Bennets are preparing to move once more. Claire is saying that she isn’t going anywhere. She tells her brother not to trust her father. Claire says that she hates him. Noah realizes that his death not far away.

Hiro is at his father’s funeral. Hiro says that he’s not ready to give him up. He travels back in time a week ago to NYC.

Matt didn’t sleep well. He’s looking at a photo of the people of the company. Molly wants to help him find people. Matt says that he isn’t going to do that mistake again. Matt is able to talk to Molly telepathically.

Bob meets Suresh in Costa Verde. They are here to get Claire. Bob introduces him to his daughter Elle, lightning girl. She’s the muscle to take out Bennet.

Claire manages to find West. West doesn’t believe her.

Matt is on the phone with the FBI. He’s getting in trouble with is boss. He isn’t using telepathy, he is influencing people. He manages to influence his boss. He gets another 24 hours to talk to Angela Petrelli.

Noah tries to confide in his wife. He shows her the paintings. He calls Suresh. He wants to find West. Suresh didn’t tell Noah that they are in Costa Verde. Suresh wants to change the plans so that he can save Bennet.

Hiro finds his dad and tries to save him. His dad accepts this fate. He transports his father away into the past.

When Bennet steps out of his home, West strikes and brings him high up into the air. Suresh phones him while he is “talking” to West. He feeds him the false location of West. Noah knows that something is up. Bennet tells him that he needs West’s help.

Bob drops in to talk with Claire at school. Bob shows his hand and Claire runs away. Suresh drops in to talk with Noah. Suresh wants Claire and her blood. Suresh pulls a gun on Noah.

Bob shows up at Claire’s place. Bob knows Saundra, Claire’s mom.

Bennet is able to outmaneuver Suresh and Elle. West shows up and takes Elle out. West stops him from shooting Mohinder. He knocks him out instead and takes Elle hostage. He puts ties her up and puts her feet in water. He plans on exchanging Elle for Claire.

Noah calls Bob and tells him about the exchange. Bob is taking some of her blood.

Hiro has taken his father to the day of his mother’s funeral. Hiro runs into his younger self. He has a little conversation to help his dad understand why he has to save him. However, Hiro realizes that he was being foolish. He is about to take his father back to the present. Hiro says goodbye to him. Hiro sticks around to freeze time and to find out who killed his father. It’s Adam or Takezo Kensei.

West plans on continuing to help Claire.

Matt is having a talk with Angela Petrelli. He plants a suggestion in Angela’s head. She tells him that Adam killed Hiro’s father. What they didn’t realize is that at some point, people with the cellular regeneration ability will stop growing old. That is why Takezo Kensei is still alive and well in this century. There is another woman in the photo. Angela is not telling who she is to Matt.

Noah tells West to get Claire and fly out of her once the exchange is completed. He does so, but Elle gets rid of her bonds and shoots a ball of lightning at them flying away. They drop to the ground. Claire gets the blunt of the fall. Bennet shoots Elle in the shoulder.

Noah is about to shoot Bob in cold blood. Suresh is faster and shoots him in the eye.

Parkman found out that the mysterious woman’s name is Victoria Pratt.

Claire’s blood brought Noah back from death.

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