Heroes Four Months Ago S02E08 (NBC)

8 episodes into the new season of Heroes, and we get the episode that everyone was waiting for. The episode that ties both season together. There was such a large gap that understanding what had happened wasn’t easy.

We learn what happened to Peter. We learn what happened to Hiro. This is the beginning of the final of the mid-season story arc, which could most probably be the season finale for the second season of Heroes, because of the WGA strike.

This was one of the best episodes of Heroes I have seen. The way it’s presented is also pretty cool. Peter starts to heal his brain thanks to the comments of Adam Monroe. Peter recovers all of this memories. I recommend Heroes.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Adam tells Peter that the Haitian took his memories. Adam tells Peter that he can heal his brain.

The story shifts back four months ago.

Peter remembers how Nathan saved him. It took all of his power not to explode. Peter fell and exploded. Nathan was falling as well but Peter saved him. He didn’t die.

Nikki is told by the doctor that DH survived the surgery and is doing well.

Alejandro is getting married in the Dominican Republic. Maya isn’t happy. She is trying to control her powers. She sees her brother’s wife getting screwed by her old boyfriend. Her powers kill them both. Her powers kill the whole wedding.

Peter is dropping off his brother in an emergency room. Peter disappears using his invisibility powers. Lightning girl takes out Peter. The company took him.

Elle, lightning girl, is playing with Peter. He wakes up to find Bob waiting for him.

He is told that his powers have been turned off for now by the Haitian. Elle is very clingy. Nathan is in the hospital. He is told that Peter is missing. His mother doesn’t tell him that Peter dropped him off at the emergency room. Nathan’s face is severely scarred.

Nikki is told by the doctor that all of the bills have been taken care of. Bob is there to tell her that they were paid by him. Bob says that he is trying to help her deal with Jessica.

Elle is giving Peter a haircut in his new cell. Adam is in the next cell.

Three months ago…

Micah is having a birthday party. Nikki is having trouble with the medication. She dumps her medication away.

Adam and Peter are bonding between the walls of their cells.

Two Months Ago

Elle is still coming to play with Peter. She’s got a sadistic thing with lightning going on. Elle says that she has lived in this building for 16 years. She says that the shrinks had diagnosed her as a sociopath.

Adam tells him to stay away. Adam tells him that the cure is a myth. He tells him that it’s a prison.

Nathan’s wife Heidi is there and Angela comes by. Angela tells her that Nathan is mentally ill. He’s got delusions of grandeur. Angela is doing something to Heidi.

Jessica has made a reappearance. Nikkis is trying to ignore her. DL still doesn’t know that Nikki has stopped taking her pills. Nikki is surprised to see that Jessica isn’t back. It’s Gina. Gina takes over and imprisons Jessica in the mirror.

Peter learns that he is in prison. Adam tells Peter that just a small amount of his blood will cure Nathan.

DL is a firefighter. He goes into a burning building to save a kid. He has to use his powers to make it out. One of the other firefighters saw him using his powers. He finds Nikki gone.

One Month Ago

Peter kisses Elle and gets a jolt. He hasn’t been taking his meds. His powers have returned. He takes Adam out of there.

Maya is in a convent in Venezuela. Her brother comes to find her. Her brother brings the cops. Her powers start to work and they drop dead. Alehandro is able to sap her powers and revive them. They get out of there.

Gina is having fun in LA. DL finds her. The photo brings back Nikki. The guy that was dancing with Gina pulls a gun and kills DL.

Three Weeks Ago

Bob turns up at DL’s funeral.

Peter and Adam come to the hospital to heal Nathan.

They get ambushed by Elle and the Haitian. The Haitian is after Peter. He nullifies his powers and puts him in a container. He takes away his memories and chains him in there. He did so because Angela helped him in the past. Before getting separated, Adam told him where to meet in Montreal.

Back in the present, Nikki leaves Bob’s facility. Adam and Peter plan on saving the world.

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