Heroes Truth And Consequences S02E10 (NBC)

This episode leads up to the end of the season of Heroes. Only a few more episodes are left to conclude some of the storylines. Adam is completely mad, and although Peter doesn’t see it, Adam plans on murdering the world.

Hiro travels back into the past to find out more about Adam. He theorizes that if Takezo Kensei could heal anything, maybe he could heal time. He finds out the truth. The whole Monica and Micah storyline looks like a filler to me. It doesn’t really have any consequence on what will happen in the end game.

This was another great episode of Heroes. All the players are in place and they are playing not only for the lives of all of the people in NYC, they are playing for the lives 93% of the people of Earth.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Peter and Adam are talking about the impeding apocalypse. Peter tells Adam that the virus that killed 93% of the human race was called the Shanti virus.

Adam says that he knew a woman named Victoria Pratt who worked for the company. She was a biomedical researcher. She was the one who tried to weaponize the Shanti virus which she found in an Indian girl. They want to save the world for that they need to find Victoria Pratt.

Bob makes an appearance at the Bennet house. Saundra has a gun on him the whole time. He drops off Noah’s ashes, but we all know that Noah is still alive. Bob tells his daughter Elle that she needs to watch Claire. He tells her that she needs to accept responsibility for her failure.

Noah wakes up in a company facility. Suresh is there. He says that he used Claire’s blood to heal him.

Micah is talking comics with his cousin and his aunt. Nikki is back to see him. She tells him that she has a virus. Micah’s backpack is gone.

Maya is looking forward to seeing Dr. Suresh. She is with Silar. Silar wants her to get rid of her brother Alejandro. He is trying to provoke her. Her powers manifest and she is able to control them.

Hiro and Ando are talking about Takezo Kensei. Hiro says that he could heal anything. Maybe he could heal time as well. Hiro thinks that if Kensei lived through all of those years, he must have left a trial. They find a photo from 1977. Hiro’s father ordered Adam Monroe locked up back then. He travels back to 1977 to Primatech Research. Monroe is trying to release the virus into the world. He wants to kill the world.

Hiro’s father is talking with Victoria Pratt. He says that the virus will be sent to Odessa. She is concerned that the rest of the founders of the company would have helped Adam to release the virus.

Adam and Peter have found Mrs. Pratt. At the mention of her name, she pulls a shotgun. She tells them fake information. She shoots Peter and Adam. She thinks that blowing Adam’s head away will kill him finally. Before she has time, she is disarmed by Peter. Adam plans on getting the information from her. She didn’t know that both of them had cellular regeneration.

Alejandro discovers that Gabriel is Silar, a mass murdered. He tries to tell his sister, but she won’t listen. Silar confesses to killing his mother. Alejandro leaves when Maya tells him that in her heart, she wanted his wife dead.

Pratt tells Peter about Adam’s true nature. Peter pulls the info from her head. The virus is in Odessa, Texas, at Primatech Paper. Adam is pulling at her bonds. He underhandedly releases her. She goes for her shotgun. She pulls it on Peter. Adam shoots her before she can shoot. Adam is planning on releasing the virus and killing the world.

Damon took his bag. Some kids jumped him and stole the comics and the medal. Micah is furious. Monica might take on a mask and go get the bag back.

Alejandro turns up at Silar’s room to beat some sense into him. He kills him. Maya turns up. Silar and her kiss on his porch while her brother’s body lies in the room.

Claire is planning to have the Haitian erase her memories of her father. West tells her that he doesn’t want to forget her father.

Monica is planning to take Micah out to get his dad’s medal back.

Suresh is having doubts Bob’s intentions about the virus. Suresh wants to destroy the virus strains. Suresh phones Nikki to tell her about the cure. Nikki finds Micah gone. Monica is using her reflex memory skills to get to the bag. She finds it easily. Micah sees the kids coming back. They look like gangsters. She gets made. They take her away in a van. Micah runs back home.

Claire is putting her dad’s ashes in the ocean. She sees Elle surveilling her. Elle tries to get away, but she gets made. Claire wants to tell the world about her abilities. That would make her safe and the company’s people would be running away.

Mohinder gets a call from Silar. Silar is with Molly.

Hiro shows up to see Ando. He takes his sword and leaves. Hiro freezes time. He finds Peter there with Adam. Hiro is there to kill Adam. Peter can’t let that happen. They have a duel out of time.

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