The Stars Like Dust

The Stars Like Dust (Isaac Asimov, 1951)

I saw a beautiful movie today, Stardust. It’s based on a story by Neil Gaiman. I read the book a few years ago and enjoyed it. The movie was incredible. I loved the way that the fairy tale setting was set up. I liked Claire Danes‘ British accent. It was almost impeccable, I was impressed. Robert DeNiro as Captain Shakespeare was pretty funny as well. I liked it when he was dancing with the dresses all made up and got interrupted by Prince Septimus.

I’ve always loved Gaiman. It started with the comic Sandman #31. I remained a fan of the series until it ended in #75. I made it one of my goals when I started collecting Sandman to get all of the original back issues. To my great surprise, I found a lot of them in a strange mall in the Maritimes on holiday with some friends when I was 17 or so. Some German friends from my childhood turned up one summer and stayed with us for a few weeks. They were my age and I knew them from when I was very young. Anneke was a bit of an exhibitionist, but I didn’t mind. She was older and hot.

Today I was told that for 12000NT ($363US) I could have a new scooter. They would replace the broken body, change the engine for a new one, change the brakes and suspension and a few other things. It got me thinking. Old Nancy would become New Nancy. The guys working there couldn’t really put on HID. They said the the housing was too small. I don’t plan on doing it right now, but I’ll shop around. Maybe I could get a different body from another scooter model, that could be interesting.

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