Tin Man S01E01 (Scifi)

Zooey Deschanel, Alan Cumming, Richard Dreyfuss, Neal McDonough star in this reinterpretation of the famous Wizard of Oz. The intial airing of the mini-series got Scifi a lot of viewers. 6.3 million on the first night of the show. It dropped off during the next two episodes, but finished at 5.1 million for episode 3. The series is an epic re-imagining of L. Frank Baum‘s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz that gives the story a heavy science fiction/fantasy emphasis and gives only allusionary references to most of the original story.

Until now, I’ve only watched the first episode of this mini-series. I found it interesting. Some of the acting was lacking a bit of polish, but otherwise it was alright. I didn’t like Azkedellia played by Kathleen Robertson. Zooey Deschanel‘s interpretation was also annoying at times. The wide-eyed goofy look can only go so far. That’s funny, because I really liked Zooey Deschanel in Weeds.

Visuals and special effects were OK. It’s nothing like Stardust, which I recently saw. Although Stardust is a feature length movie that appeared in cinemas with a budget of over 66 million.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Deschanel plays DG. She dreams of someone dressed in white telling her about the coming storm.

DG rides a motorcycle and is late for her waitressing job. She drives too fast and gets a ticket from a deputy.

She talks about her dream with her dad. She always dreams of a cave.

Her mother went through her things. They find travel brochures. They aren’t too happy with her. DG has trouble fitting in. The deputy wants to impound her bike. Her parents talk about her dream. DG wants to leave.

DG draws sketches.

In the OZ, a sorceress is unhappy with her general. He hasn’t found the emerald that she needs for the double eclipse. The sorceress senses that something is wrong. She wants to see Lilo. She uses him to peer into the future. The images are shown in a strange emerald colored tank. He assures her that she will have the emerald in her hands. He sees a glimmer of hope on the other side. The sorceress sends her general with a small company of men through a travel storm.

The soldiers arrive and take DG’s parents hostage. They are able to escape to the attic. Her dad knows that the men are Longcoats and they are after DG. They want to take DG into the travel storm. They half throw her into the storm and follow.

DG awakes in a land with two suns. Strange things are stalking her. They are small and covered in feathers. They are resistance fighters from the eastern guild. They capture her.

The general informs the sorceress that the girl disappeared into the travel storm. He has failed her again. She eats his soul.

Azkedelia is the name of the sorceress. The strange little men tell her that her parents were fleeing on the old brick road to Central City. DG frees another prisoner who shares her giant bird cage. He’s got a zipper on his head.

The sorceress took his brain. His name is Glitch. He tells her that this is the OZ. The Outer Zone.

DG uses a bit of athletics to get out of there. The Longcoats arrive with chainsaws. The new general finds DG’s locket. .

DG sees the Longcoats attacking a family. She makes her way there. It was just a hologram. DG asks why would they continue playing the hologram over and over if no one is watching. DG finds a tin case. Someone is inside. She frees him.

The tin guy tells DG that Glitch is a head case. It’s what the state does to criminals. They rip out their brains.

They want to travel with tin man, but he doesn’t really want their company. He grudgingly accepts to lead them.

The general brings the locket to the sorceress. He says that it came from the outsider.

They find a creature being digested in the Papé Runner’s enzymes in a tree. They free him. It’s lion, sort of at least. A Papé Runner comes by and bites Tin Man in the thigh. The runners are after them. They come to a cliff and have to jump off.

The sorceress has Lilo screen into the future. She discovers DG’s name. She checks a grave and finds it empty. The sorceress goes to talk with another witch that she has imprisoned. It was her plan to get DG out of the OZ. The sorceress makes her prison even worse, wet and cold to punish her.

The lion is called Raw. He’s a viewer, meaning that his a sort of psychic. He’s got a wound on his head. They tell DG that Azkedelia sucks the power right out of their heads to view the future. Raw tries to heal Tin Man. Tin Man says that he was a police officer before they discovered that he was working for the resistance.

A strange monkey bat finds their trail. He is a spy for the sorceress.

DG discovers that her parents came from Milltown, a little town in the OZ. They find these strange mechanical people living there. She finds her parents here. Her mother tells her that they are machines. Father View tells her the story of how she came to Milltown.

Her mother gave her up to save her. She is the witch that the sorceress has imprisoned. Father View gives her a brand to guide her and tells her to find the wise man in the city. Tin Man knows him, he worked his protection detail a while ago.

The band arrives at the Central City. They find wanted posters for DG. The city has become fortified. Tin Man finds an old snitch to help him out. Tin Man wants to find Zero. He’s responsible for what happened to him.

They make it into the city.

The sorceress has interrogated DG’s parents. She knows that DG is in the city to see the Mystic Man.

The Mystic Man isn’t what he used to be. He’s addicted to some bliss spell from Azkedelia.

Tin Man doesn’t find Zero. The girl tells him that he left when he heard that a girl was smuggled into the city. The Longcoats arrive at the Mystic Man’s theater.

Gain’s quick thinking disables the Longcoats. The Mystic Man isn’t well. He’s addicted to vapors. The brand brings clarity to the Mystic Man for a little while. More Longcoats arrive. He sends her to the Northern Island. The Mystic Man makes Gain swear that he will protect DG. The Mystic Man says that she is the key. They steal Demilo’s van and get out of town.

The Mystic Man is brought in front of sorceress. He isn’t forthcoming.

The troup gets stuck in the cold when their van breaks down. They have to make their way on foot in the snowy terrain.

The sorceress hooks the Mystic Man up to Lilo. The Mystic Man is trying to confuse Lilo. The sorceress knows that DG is heading to see her mom on the Northern Island.

Her brand opens the palace doors. Her mother was the queen. She sees a painting of her mother and Glitch, back when he had a brain. He was the queen’s advisor.

Raw tells her that bad things happened here. DG sees that Azkedelia is her sister. She plotted her mother’s downfall. She sees Azkedelia kill her younger self. Her mother gave of herself to revive her. She tells her daughter that she has the key to finding the emerald inside of her. Azkedelia arrives and they have to flee.

They make their escape. Azkedelia sends her monkey-bats tattoos after them.

Right before getting shot by Zero, Tin Man learns that his family is still alive. He shot plunges Tin Man out of the window and into the frozen lake. They are all captured by the monkey-bats.

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