Sands Of Time

I’ve noticed that a few sites are picking up my posts without giving credit. I think that they are splogs.

I’m busy listening to the Lords of the Rings OST and writing nowadays. I’ve made some good progress. Contrary to my initial expectations, I’ve only written about 5000 words on Symria this week. I’ve been sick with a fever. It’s really annoying sometimes working with small kids. They get sick and I get sick.

I’ve never taken any time off really for being sick. I think that’s admirable, in a sense.

At one of my schools, the new manager is busy destroying the school. They’ve pretty much dismantled the kindergarten. With only 5 students left, I don’t think that it will last long. They seem to focus more on the after school elementary program, on top of helping the kids with their homework. I don’t like the new manager and already another teacher has walked out. She was a Taiwanese teacher and had just started a few weeks ago when the management changed. The other foreign teacher is looking for new work already. It’s too bad, I liked that school. The classes were easy and there was a minimum of paperwork, none of it that I had to take home.

At my other school, two more Taiwanese teachers walked out. Things aren’t going well at these schools. It always has to do with management. A new teacher in training left, as well as a more established K1 teacher. They both seemed nice, but I didn’t know them too well since they didn’t speak English that well.

I’m getting ready for January 2008. It will be a strange month and I will be doing a lot of things that I didn’t expect to be doing. My guess is that it will open new opportunities and that things will go very well.

I plan on getting into acrylics this week. I want to paint a few really large canvases.

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