Copyright Infringement

An image in a series of designs that I made for my last version of It was supposed to be an international version in English, but at that time, I chose to proceed with a career in finance.

I checked out my old domain name,, and found that someone was ripping my original designs for my old web sites. In fact, they just used the icons that I made and infringed my copyright. The domain is parked from Thailand.

The text was also ripped from my old web site. If I remember correctly, it was a contribution to my old web site, a musical review and online magazine on electronic music. Originally, I had planned on integrating the posts into my own blog, It would be a tedious process since all of the reviews and material are written in French. I’d have to translate them.

I’ve been more concerned with creating content than anything else, but recent events have prompted me to want to change that fact. I want to spend some more time on the design of the blog. Hopefully by January 2008, I’ll have made some progress. Most of my contacts with servers and people in the tech industry are in my home town Quebec. I plan on using these to further this goal.

I just went to my old files and confirmed that the text was ripped off one of my articles. It’s so annoying! It’s one thing for spammers to do a few splogs here and there, it’s another for someone to steal your original material and then park the old domain that you used to own.

Horripilations was a project of mine that involved two radio shows, an online e-zine and reports from the electronic music scene in Quebec and Montreal. I came up with the name for my first radio show. It was called Horripilations Obscures. The show was mainly industrial techno, EBM, and rhythmic noize. Later, I added another show to my roster called Pure, with a more ambient vocation. It included minimal techno, IDM and other genres that I enjoyed listening.

When I left Quebec to work in Montreal, I continued doing my radio show on a new radio station. However, since I was away on business a lot, I didn’t work out. In the end, I had to cancel it. That started my 3 year celibacy on music. I didn’t listen to music for about 3 years.

Actually, that isn’t true. I still listened to some music. But never as much as before.

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