The Amazing Race Cherry On Top Of The Sundae That’s Already Melted S12E06 (CBS)

Once again, getting the right flights is the most important thing in the amazing race. If you don’t, you can easily drop from first to last and be eliminated. I’ve read on the wiki site of The Amazing Race that there won’t be any non-elimination legs.

Az and Hendy ran into trouble when they tried to find a better flight from the departing city of Vilnius. They managed to find a good flight, but the people who stayed in line, like Rachel/TK got a better flight. In the end, they made the mistake of purchasing business class tickets. That made them miss their flight, because the rules of the Amazing Race state that you can only purchase economy class tickets.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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The teams must travel to Dubrovnik, Croatia. They have to travel to the Bay of St-Lawrence for their next clue. The Goths and Rachel/TK team up. Rachel/TK go and wait in line. The Goths decide to go to a travel agency.

Ron and Chris reserved their tickets in advance. They tell Az and Hendy about this strategy.

Kynt and Vyxin book tickets. The others see them and decide to snoop around. Az bosses Hendy around a bit for doubting his word. Rachel and TK stayed in line and got the 6AM flight. Az looses his cool and badgers Hendy. What an ass!

The Goths are on the 6:25AM. Az and Hendy are on the same flight. Az continues to boss her around. Jen and Nate and the Grandpa team miss check-in and can’t book the flight. The Grandpa team manage to get onto the 6AM flight. Az and Hendy mistakenly booked business class tickets. It’s against the rules to book anything else than economy. They miss the flight. The woman tells them that their competitors will be late. There are all kinds of delays. Az and Hendy take a flight via Frankfurt.

Rachel/TK and the Grandpa team miss their connecting flight. The Grandpa team can’t book the same flight as Rachel/TK.

Nate and Jen are the firs team to arrive followed closely by the Goths and Ron/Chris.

Ron/Chris arrive first at the cluebox. It’s a roadblock, they have to find one of eight stones. They complete the roadblock quickly. They have to head to the Fort of St-Lawrence for their next clue. The other two teams are lost.

Ron/Chris have to choose between two tasks. The water task is harder but there is less navigating through the confusing streets.

Nate and Jen are in second place. Maybe the old man and his daughter shouldn’t have taken the most physically demanding task. Nate and Jen do the water task as well. The Goths are still stuck at the roadblock.

Nate and Jen bicker in the rowboat and have trouble getting forward. She says that she hates him with a passion. The Goths decide to do the rappelling instead. Vyxsin does the rappelling easily.

Nate/Jen make to the final clue first. They have to make it to the stone cross that overlooks the city. Nate/Jen can’t get a taxi because they are all wet. Ron/Chris beat them to get to the cross. Jen is freaking out. They manage to find a young man to drive them up there.

Ron/Chris arrive first. They won a 12.5’ catamaran. Nate/Jen are second. However Nate/Jen didn’t use a legal form of transportation to get to the pit stop. They have to get back and do it over again. The Goths are already on their way to the pit stop. The Goths are 2nd. Rachel and TK are at the detour. Nate/Jen are team are 3rd. Jen doubts that they will be together at the end of the race.

The Grandpa arrives after the other groups. Az and Hendy are in last place. Don takes it very slow and methodical at the roadblock. It’s frustrating his grandson Nick. The Grandpa team does the water task.

Rachel/TK are 4th. The Grandpa team are 5th. Az and Hendy are last. They are eliminated.

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