Dexter There’s Something About Harry S02E10 (Showtime)

Dexter stars Michael C. Hall, most known for his role as David in the HBO drama Six Feet Under. Michael C Hall plays Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter specialist working in Miami for the police.

Dexter discovers another dark secret of Harry. It’s something that is finally revealed to him after all these years. And to top that off, Doakes is the one who puts him on the trail. Dex is busy trying to frame Doakes. He also wants to rekindle his relationship with Rita. Things are going well.

Deb and Lundy have a little talk about their future and things just go out of hand.

I thought this was another great episode of Dexter. What will happen? Will Dexter finally kill Lila? Will he be able to frame Doakes? I can see that Dexter might need to damage Doakes’ mind in order to make the frame truly great. Maybe some drugs will do what he wants. The last two episodes of the season have been leaked on the internet, but I haven’t yet had the time to watch them. Hopefully I will be able to do it this weekend.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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Dexter’s wound is only a graze. He isn’t seriously hurt. Doakes is in the cage. Dexter tells Doakes that he is a killer. That’s how he knew that Dexter was a killer. Dexter goes back home.

Lundy reminds Deb that he won’t be around forever. He will leave after he completes this case. Deb’s warrant on Doakes’ phone came through. She sees that LaGuerta phoned Doakes after they started hunting him. He tells her that she needs to question her.

Dexter makes it back into his apartment. Dexter doesn’t really want to kill Doakes. Later that morning, Rita shows up with coffee. Dexter’s wound is starting to bleed again. He has to hide if from Rita. She invites him to hang around at the beach next Saturday. Dexter realizes that he’s been selfish, only thinking about himself.

LaGuerta just dismisses Deb’s questions. Lundy briefs his team that Doakes has 4 different aliases all issued by the DOD. LaGuerta hits Angel for the names of the Bay Harbor Butcher victims. Deb gives Dex an earful for pulling his protective detail.

At the cabin, Doakes is trying to reach the cell phone that he saw on the table with his belt. When he hears Dex coming over, he throws his shirt onto the table to hide the phone. Dex finds the phone. Doakes doesn’t realize that Dex has already drugged him with the bottle of water he gave him.

Doakes knows something about Harry, he falls unconscious before he can taunt Dexter about it.

Angel is busy painting Lila’s walls.

Dexter doesn’t plan on killing Doakes, he plans on setting him up. He places his fingerprints on a murder knife and leaves Doakes with some supplies. He dumps the kill tools at the docks where the diving students practice their skills each morning.

Dexter remembers one of Deb’s birthdays when the Lieutenant Matthews told Harry that one of his murder suspects would be walking because of a technicality. He talks about this with Deb.

Deb has a little talk with Lundy about his plans on leaving as soon as the case is wrapped up. This means that their relationship has an expiry date, and Deb wasn’t happy to hear Lundy talk that way about them.

Lila drops by and gets info on Dexter and Rita from an idiot Angel, who reveals all to this deranged woman.

Dexter talks with Doakes about Harry. Doakes found out something about Harry’s death. Doakes is trying to use it as collateral.

Dexter visits Captain Matthews at the golf course. He wants to know about is father. Matthews is the perfect person to hit for information. He is told that Harry killed himself with an overdose of heart medicine.

LaGuerta tries to whitewash Doakes with some flimsy surveillance logs.

Dexter tells Rita about his dad. Dexter gets a text from the drug dealer who wants his coke. He sets up a meeting behind Santos’ bar.

Lila buys some roofies.

Deb and Lundy are talking about their future.

Angel and Lila are talking at her loft. Angel is still painting the walls. Lila takes the roofies. They have sex. She falls unconscious in the bathroom.

Dex captures the drug dealer. He plans on framing Doakes with the kill. Dex realizes that the thought of what Harry created was what made him want to kill himself.

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