Survivor China Slippery Little Sucker S15E14-15 (CBS)

It’s time for the season finale of Survivor.

It comes to no surprise how the end of this season played. By this statement, I mean that there was no doubt about who would make it into the final three.

Denise never had a chance. Because of her sob story, she set herself up for a fall. She marked herself for eviction. Denise had only won one reward challenge. She had never won immunity. In the end, she said that she stayed with her alliance and tried to go for immunity. If she would have gone with PG, she would have made it into the final three. Most probably, she would have lost against PG.

I thought that this season of Survivor was good. Once again, it wasn’t as good as the all-star edition, but it was still good. I’m suprised that no one took out Todd before. Maybe they thought that he wouldn’t do well with the jury.

In the past, juries have acknowledged that lying and backstabbing is part of the game. I just got annoyed by Amanda stupid looking stares, trying to influence people with them. In the end, it didn’t really help. Of the three, I think that the most deserving player got the money. However, I would have liked other people to be in it. It doesn’t matter since the next season of Survivor will start in February 2008 and will pit Survivor fans against Survivor favorites. I think that James will be playing.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The final four are starving. They aren’t really going to any extremes to eat. They are just waiting to be fed, just like prisoners. Maybe this show should be called Prisoner.

The reward challenge is for food. The reward challenge involves a lot of puzzles. Amanda wins reward. Amanda can invite one or two people to join her. Amanda is torn. She chooses Todd to join her. She wanted to Todd. She talks about trust. Todd reiterates that he wants to go to the end with Amanda.

Back at camp, Denise and Courtney commiserate together. It’s not like Courtney needs any food. She’s already anorexic thin because she’s decided not to eat. Denise is trying to get Courtney on her side. Denise says that she wants to vote off Todd. Courtney says that he is a slippery little sucker.

Todd and Denise are talking in the bed. Courtney is listening in on their conversation. Courtney is seriously thinking about getting rid of Todd. Courtney and Amanda are talking by themselves about Todd. Todd sneaks up on them. Todd is a control freak and things are slipping out of his grasp.

They have a little annoying remembrance ceremony about the past survivors. They have their final immunity challenge. They have to balance some dishes on a pole like contraption. Amanda looks very steady. Todd is the first one to drop his dishes. Followed by Courtney. Denise wants to make a deal, but Amanda doesn’t want to. She will not give up. Amanda wins immunity.

Denise is trying to sway Amanda’s vote. Todd and Courtney are gone. Denise pleads her case. She plays the poor-me card. Amanda doesn’t really care. Denise is a big competitor against the jury. She needs to go. The younger people decide to get rid of her. Todd is paranoid. There is only one decision to do. Amanda says that she will not be voting for her tonight.

Amanda is talking to Courtney about getting rid of Todd. Amanda thinks that Todd has made too many connections with people on the jury. She thinks that Todd is her biggest competition right now.

Courtney makes some insightful comments during the tribal council. A few jurors laugh at Denise’s comments about her family. Denise is voted out. Amanda is making puppy eyes at the jury. She’s so annoying.

Amanda is pissed at Todd for calling her out in front of the jury. She tells him that she doesn’t like people like that. She feels like crap.

The next morning they get a feast. They set some things on fire to commemorate their accomplishment.

Todd talks a load of bullshit when he pleads his case. The questions that the jury will ask of him will be tough. PG and James don’t impressed.

During Courtney’s opening statement, the jury is amused by her frankness and attitude.

James says that he’s not a bitter Betty. He just asks a little question of Courtney.

JR isn’t as nice. He has hard questions for Amanda and Todd. James is happy that JR shut up finally. PG tells Amanda that she is sick of her doe eyes. It’s time to defend her place in the final three. Amanda says that it was her idea to get rid of James. Frosti calls out Courtney for backstabbing him. Jaime is pissed off at the final three for some reason. Amanda says that Todd lied too much. Todd says that he was the better strategic player. Denise lays it in. She is pissed at being out. True enough, she thought that she would win the game if she would have been in the final three.

Juror Vote
Jaimee Todd
Eric Amanda
Denise Courtney
JR Todd

The votes are going to be read in Hollywood.

The three finalists look very 80s. Courtney has put on some weight. She no longer looks anorexic.

Todd wins Survivor by a vote of 4-2-1. Courtney totally looks electro. JR says that Todd’s answers swayed his vote. Todd says that he played JR. Amanda’s got terrible hair. She keeps using the stupid doe eyed look.

Jeff calls James’ move the biggest blunder in the game of Survivor. He says that he trusted his alliance.

Jeff asks Courtney about anorexia. She started at 93lbs and ended at 86lbs. Now, she must be over 100 lbs.

Denise is a janitor now. She didn’t get her job back. The school board said that it would be too distracting having her in the cafeteria. Jeff asks Denise about the mullet.

Jaime and Eric are dating. Now it’s time for the virgin thing. Eric says that he still is a virgin.

There is an extra 100K up for brags. The viewing public texted their votes. It’s between James, PG and Denise. James got the money.

Mark Burnett gives Denise 50K. The sob story paid off.

The next Survivor is in Micronesia and will pit Fans against Favorites. One of the survivors of this season will participate in the next Survivor.

* * * * *

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