Spooks S06E04 (BBC)

Spooks is back for another season on BBC. I’ve really enjoyed the last few seasons of Spooks. They aren’t afraid of getting rid of important characters. On top of that, this show has realistically portrayed intelligence operatives, which isn’t easy to find.

Spooks will be back for another season, but a lot of actors are going to change. It is the last season for Rupert Perry-Jones, who plays Adam Carter. I’ve also read that a new spin-off show called Rogue Spooks will air next year. Sounds good.

As with other British television shows, it’s common for a lot of the main actors to rotate out after a while. Spooks is no exception. It doesn’t really matter if Adam is gone. This actually gives the writers a good way to do some interesting story arcs.
Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Jo meets with Michael. Zaff used to be his handler.

A man named Kharami is tagged with a GPS tracker. He gets rid of it. He’s a terrorist. A security firm is watching Kharami. Adam confirms that Kharami has ditched his surveillance and is heading up an op.

Kharami is an Algerian extremist who usually focuses on American targets. Bob from the CIA shows up.

Adam and Jo meet with Michael. Adam tells him that Zaf is dead. He makes Michael to make the call. Malcolm is tracking Mustafa’s call. Mustafa calls the Iranian embassy.

Harry wants Ros to investigate the Americans. He authorizes Operation Zebra. Ros has to penetrate the Americans and get info on Zaff.

Ros makes her move while the CIA agent working with her is out in the field. He finds Kharami. They loose their man because Ros is starting Operation Zebra on the agent’s security codes.

Adam is trying to turn the Special Consul’s wife. She isn’t taking the news well, but she agrees to do it. Adam accused her husband of sponsoring terrorism. Funny she feels that way, since she is having an affair with Adam at the same time.

Anna calls Adam to tell him that her husband is meeting with the terrorist. Adam tells her to plant the recording equipment. She is using a laser mike to bug the conversation that her husband is having. Someone is at the door. It’s a security agent. He comes in and surprises her. He sees that she is hiding something. She pulls a kitchen knife. He gets stabbed while trying to disarm her.

Adam briefs her. She has to hide the microphone and the phone. He tells her to pretend that the guard tried to rape her. He tells her to put blood everywhere.

Her husband is at the door. He believes her and takes care of her.

Ros reports that she found that the CIA has been outsourcing some jobs for mercenary assassinations. Harry puts Connie on it.

The terrorists are smart. They know that someone is on to them. They make sure that they aren’t followed. Jo is in trouble. They take her. Michael was using the dead drop to see who was following him. He is a double agent.

Bob is pissed. He gives them an hour before he gives the order to evacuate all Americans from London.

Ros receives a letter from her dad. There is some basic encryption. It’s a meet for the Yalta Group. The French woman is waiting for her. All she gets some questions.

Bob has been to the American golf club repeatedly. He has a bad back. He has access to a locker there. Harry will investigate.

Michael wasn’t really working as a double agent, he was just suspicious.

Anna gets a phone from Adam. He tries to make her get the tape from the office. She is able to retrieve the minidisk. All her husband was doing was setting up a business meeting. Ros mentions about looking at it the wrong way. They deduce that the Special Consul will be the target.

The Consul changes locations to the Imperial Plaza Hotel from the Savoy.

Harry pressures Bob. He tells him that the target is the American golf club. Bob will go there to take his files. Connie will follow.

Jo finds a bomb in the trunk with her. The bomb is activated by Kharami.

Ros and Adam have to scramble to get to the new location. Bob retrieves the files, but is followed by Connie. They use an x-ray machine to get a snapshot of the documents.

Kharami is leaving the premises. Adam is able to convince Michael to open the trunk just in time to save Jo and the Special Consul.

Iran is planning on buying nuclear triggers from someone. This will give them full nuclear power. The Special Consul lied about this.

Ros gives this info to the Yalta Group.

Anna cuts Adam completely off. The Special Consul knows about the treachery of his wife. He tells her as much in bed.

* * * * *

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